Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I had such a great day today!
Since it is my Birthday weekend,
my birthday was Friday but
I am going to post more about it later,
Chris pretty much let me to my own thang.

Today, after visiting a sweet friends church,
we came home to relax.

I took a nice long nap and then starting working with my Cameo!

I love these little stickers I put on my mason jars!
There is are also some candles in the jars!
They look so pretty lit.

Yepp... that is my trash can!!
Thank you pintrest for the inspiration!

Chris told me I was crazy when
I started monogramming the trash can:)

Absolutely love this!

Put it above our door.
Actually Chris put it up for me because I couldn't reach.
It is a little crooked, so I might have to reprint a new one and take this one down.

I also put one tiny saying in Christopher's office.

Chris says that I am not allowed to
put vinyl letters anywhere else in his office:)

I think I should make a BIG B to put on the wall in there, just to see what he says!! hehe

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