Friday, June 15, 2012


It seems now a days in the land of technology on every corner,
the handwritten letter is a thing of the past.

When Chris and I first moved here I tried to write 1 letter a week. There is just something about opening the mail box and finding a letter that someone wrote you, 'just because.'

The letter doesn't have to be an invitation to some party, wedding, or shower.
It doesn't really have to be about anything at all.

The letters I send out are usually just casual banter.
I write about what Chris and I are up to that week,
sometimes I write something special about the individual that I miss seeing all the time. 

Sometimes the letter has no real purpose. I am just writing down thoughts.

One time, I wrote a different kind of letter.
I addressed the envelope and wrote on normal paper with an ordinary pen,
but instead of writing a greeting or signature,
I wrote this person a prayer.

I just wrote in words my prayer over this sweet friend and their family.

I knew that when she opened it she new it was from me because all one has to do is look at the return address to see.

I wish people would write more letters. I don't use fancy stationary or envelopes. In fact I just use left over thank you notes from our wedding:) They may say thank you on the front, but I usually just cross out the thank and write love or missing.

I am challenging you to try and write 1 handwritten letter this week. A letter to someone that has no purpose but to brighten up their day:) It can be to someone who lives right down the road, or even someone who you see everyday.
There is still just something sweet about receiving a letter.

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