Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, Chris and I are officially evacuees.

Last time I wrote a post I was sitting on my sweet sofa in NOLA.

This morning I am sitting on my mama's sofa in North Georgia.
We got as far away as we could.

Chris and I are hooked to the news. Beyond curious about the weather and what it is like back at home. It is so weird watching the news reporters standing mer minutes away from our apartment.

Praying today for my sweet 4th graders and fellow teachers in St. Bernard Parish.
My school is the farthest school out and closest to the ocean in the parish.
I believe several of my students have been mandatory evacuated because they live outside of the flood gate. Hoping that they are all safe and know that I am thinking of them:)

This is Megan posting from hurricane central.
If your tired of reading about Isaac already then I suggest you not tune in here for the next couple of days because I am sure that's all I am going to be writing about. 

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