Monday, September 3, 2012


1 Week ago today we were cruising down the interstate getting outta here.

It is crazy that was only a week ago, because to Chris and me it seems like this past week just drug on.

We spent our days chillin with family, eating good, and watching the weather channel.

It was a wonderful unexpected time away:) 

On our way out of NOLA we passed these bad boys:) There were about 8 of them just cruising down the twin span, a long bridge going across Lake Pontchartrain. 

It was sooo awesome seeing our national guard out and about making preparations for Isaac!

Pretty cool driving right next to one!

Yesterday we dusted off the Georgia red clay off our boots and made our way back to NOLA.

The closer we got the more road signs were down. It was hard for me to get a good picture  of them with my phone because Chris was driving so fast. 

We saw interstate signs that were completely bent backward.
In some cases the sign wasn't even there, 
 just the little steal 'legs' sticking out of the ground that once held a sign was all that was left.

We also passed a lot of clean up crews making their way in. This picture was of a long line of trucks that were a clean up crew of some little bitty church in Mississippi. 

Chris and I got a kick out of these people. I wish I had been able to get a better shot.
They had a bunch of semi trucks and tailors all with the writing,

"God's Pit Crew
Crisis Response Team
Helping People Get Their Lives Back on Track!"

They were from Virginia! 

They even had bulldozers with God's Pit Crew Painted on them!

We also passed a lot of national guard trucks and people who were out and about.

The strangest thing about driving into the city was the smell. 
When we first crossed the twinspan it just down right stunk!

REALLY strong salt and fish smells!

I'm assuming the smell is from all the sea water that was blown into the lake and then the lake flooded. 

Driving back onto campus the first thing we did was go and check on our car.
I was so worried about it:)

Chris gave it a pretty thorough inspection, even looking under the hood and she was fine.
It was a major relief.

Entergy crews were still working on restoring some power. 
Campus has a lot of big beautiful trees and several had fallen on power lines.

I was worried when we first got into our apartment this baby wasn't cooperating. We turned it on and it just made some weird noise and no air would blow.

Thank goodness later on last night Chris started tinkering with it and was able to make it work!! So no more problems with our air conditioning. 

Our ceiling does have 2 very small water stains that didn't use to be there. But other than that no damage for us. 

Weirdest thing was checking on the fridge and freezer and they were completely wiped out except for an incredibly old bag of coffee that I thought had been thrown away and a tiny half a bag full of sugar. Chris and I had left all our ketchup and everything.

Not sure yet if our AMAZINGLY NICE neighbor Andrew got all that stuff for us
or if campus came through and cleaned it out. 

(by the way, Chris and I were idiots for leaving that stuff anyways. We totally should have cleaned it all out and brought it to GA, but when we left last Monday morning, the news was reporting that it wasn't going to be that bad, so we just left it)

Some some more random pictures I took.

And I am leaving yall with this hilarious picture of Chris eating his dinner last night:)
It was his first time ever eating Roman noodles out of a cup!
Let's just say, he was really enjoying those babies:)
(lots and lots of exaggeration added here)

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