Friday, April 25, 2014

Bumpdate- 24, 25, and 26 Weeks

(fyi this post is not updated. I am currently 27 Weeks, but my hubby is in GA this weekend and I don't have anyone to take my 27 week picture. boo hoo :)

Growth: 26 weeks means she is about the size of a whole head of lettuce! Elizabeth is also about 14 inches long and this week I feel like I actually look pregnant. Infact most friends are now commenting to me that they can see my bump now. I wear such baggy clothing most of the time that it had just looked like I had eaten a too many cupcakes:)  

How I'm Feeling: I'm doing great! Little Bit likes to kick and punch at the same time which is a pretty weird sensation. I tease and say she has a great left hook punch. She will get on a roll and one time I started counting after a couple of kicks and chops in and I got up to past 20! Such an active little thing, and I swear she already has personality. She will be showing off her moves for me, and I'll call Chris over and the second he puts his hand on my stomach she will stop. Then he will leave and she'll go right back at it. She knows how to put on a good front:)

Favorite Moments: My sweet coworkers threw me a baby shower after school! It was actually a joined shower because my 4th grade teammate, Maria, is getting married in June, so they just threw one for the both of us.

We racked up on giftcards and also received some precious baby outfits, bumbo seat, and our bounce around exersaucer!

Maria is going to kill me for this picture, but it's the only one I got! We both teach 4th grade and I have had the wonderful privilege of working with her. She is a wonderful teacher and is going to be a gorgeous bride! I was so glad that we got to have a joined shower because I get super embarrassed and tend to act-a-fool in front of not only adults, but especially in front of my peers!

Everything tastes better in Nola, I assure you it is not just a pregnancy thing, even their normal cakes are just better. It was delicious and I may have eaten a piece that was the size of my hand... maybe my arm... I don't know, but I ate probably way too much. It was just good:)

I wanted to show off my new maternity top! I was super excited I got to wear this to my shower, and I assure you it is going to be worn out by the time summer is over.

Most Looking Forward to: EASTER BREAK!!! Ahhh... it has been hard the past couple of weeks to see my GA peeps enjoying their Spring Break and posting all over facebook about it, but finally ours has arrived! We got Good Friday off and then the whole week after. I love how in New Orleans it is referred to as Easter (or Easta as my cajun kiddoes say) Break. It is always the week after Easter which probably has something to do with lent and all the Catholics. They even put Easter Break on school calendars, to me it's all about the little religious things here and there that they still allow us to do in schools that makes me appreciate it even more:)

This week I've been busy crossing things off our to do list! I've got our maternity/newborn pictures scheduled, insurance information completed, sorted and threw out a bunch of junk we had collected the past 3 years, packed up some boxes, and taken a couple of naps:)