Thursday, July 10, 2014

She's Here!

One Week Old Today

Okay so where to begin with the whirlwind that has been our lives this past week!! As you all can see, our beautiful baby girl was born on July 3rd and she is absolutely perfect. (but we all already knew that she was going to beJ)

Since moving to Georgia, at my last couple of doctor appointments my blood pressure had been on a rise. It went from the top number being in the 120’s, then the next appointment in the low 130’s, and then the next in the high 130’s. Just a steady rise. I also noticed that I was really retaining water. I have had people tell me how lucky I am that I don’t just retain water and swell in my hands and feet. Apparently when I swell it is moderate all over. I felt like even my shoulders, forearms, and back showed signs of being puffy. My feet had its moments of swelling but nothing too traumatic.

Last Tuesday Chris and I went in for a normal doctor check. She took my blood pressure and it was around 147/98. She then told Chris and I some scary news. She said that my urine showed levels of protein that were off the charts, and with the combined high blood pressure, I needed to be admitted into the hospital as soon as my appointment was over. She was putting me on a 24 hour hospital watch where they monitored my protein levels, blood pressure, and Elizabeth’s heartbeat. She also explained that I was showing signs of preeclampsia and could possibly need to be rushed for a C-section.

My eyes immediately started watering, and I know Chris’s did too, it was scary news for us. I started thinking about how we weren’t ready. We had just had our shower, her room wasn’t finished, I didn’t have her hospital bag packed, shoot I didn’t have my hospital bag all the way packed! I hadn’t stocked the fridge with freezer meals and the house was dirty.

We were allowed to make a quick dash home to pack a bag and then were ordered to return to the hospital as soon as possible. We both called our mom’s and they went into over drive for us. I can not express how much they helped us out those days in the hospital. They brought clean clothes, shampoo, food, and even made a big target run with gift cards and a list of things we felt like we still needed for her arrival that we hadn’t got yet.

The 24 hour watch at the hospital was filled with a very sleepless night. I have never been admitted to the hospital to stay the night, with monitors all strapped to my stomach, and nurses coming in and out to take my blood pressure. Finally the 24 hour watch results came in and a doctor came in to tell us the results. He said that I had moderate to severe preeclampsia. My urine showed signs that my kidneys weren’t working properly and could be on their way to shutting down. He said even though I feel fine, that I was sick, and the only way to heal me was to get her out. Lucky for us, he said I was golden because I was only a few days from being 37 weeks, and Elizabeth wouldn’t be too much premature.
They moved me to a labor and delivery room and started medicine to induce labor. If the medicine didn’t work or if my vitals worsened I was to be rushed in for a C-section. It took them 5 times to get my IV in one of my arms. Let me just tell you, whoever said that getting an IV didn’t hurt has never had 3 nurses all poking you with your blood vessels blowing each time.

At 9:30am the next morning they started Pitocin, which is medicine used to induce labor. That morning I was 2 cm dilated, around noon I was 4 cm, at 1:00 I got the epidural, around 4:00 I was 7 cm dilated and they broke my water, and around 5:00 I was fully dilated and ready to push. I only had to push from 5:30 to 6:07 and our sweet girl was born.

In all I was in labor for 8 ½ hours.

As far as labor goes, it was the scariest thing either one of us have ever experienced. My epidural worked immediately and I just have to praise whoever invited that medicine!

(this was me about 10 minutes after my epidural. so much happier!!)

When Elizabeth was born she was almost rushed to the NICU due to her respiratory rate. The doctors and nurses were all taking and worried about how she was more humming than crying. Poor thing finally settled down and got all the gunk out of her lungs and she was fine. 

Finally we got to all clear to allow our families in to visit and it was an incredible moment getting to show her off to everyone!

On Saturday night we both got the all clear to be discharged. I bawled my eyes out in the car all the way home. My leaving the hospital clothes were the same shirt and shorts I was wearing when I was admitted. It had been a long 5 days and 4 nights spent at the hospital. I was so tired of both Elizabeth and me being poked and checked, and so relieved to be getting out of Dodge.

I know this had been long, and filled with probably too many details, but I just started writing and it all flowed out. Being home with our tiny girl is the biggest blessing either one of us will ever receive. All those old sayings of how you don’t know what love is until you hold your child for the first time are all true. She has all of us, especially her Daddy, wrapped around her little finger.

It may sound cliché but I have known my entire life that I was meant to be a mother. Every decision has been on how I could best be one. I worked at a daycare to be with the children and babies, I went to college to be a teacher because I think it is the best job to have and be a mother with, even one of the main reasons I married Chris was because I saw qualities in him that I wanted my own children to have.

Now that I am a mother, I am determine to live out my calling to the best that I possibly can, smothered her in love, and raise her to the best of my ability to be Christ following adult.

Thank you for all of your prayers as we have endured our greatest blessing! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Bumpdate- 32 and 33 Weeks

At 33 weeks, Liz Bit is the size of a honeydew melon. She now keeps her eyes open when she is awake and closes them when she sleeps. Apparently she is now starting to run out of room since she is getting bigger and I am supposed to feel her less, but actually I think I feel her more! She seems to constantly be moving and taping her feet on my ribs. The past couple of days when I lay down in bed at night my ribs are sore from the pressure of her pressing on them all day.

How I'm Feeling:
In my last blog post I was bragging on how I haven't swelled, well that changed this week! Even on the night we drove for NOLA to GA I noticed my toes were a little bit sausage looking. Since being here I have had to take my wedding rings off and I feel like my face has gotten plumper. I feel great, but just think I have started to retain water. I am blaming it on the different altitude adjustment and all the salty, good foods everyone has been spoiling us with this week. I'm hoping that as we get into a routine and start eating more normal, it will get better. 

Favorite Moments:
Although is has been just a week since we moved to our new place, it seems like we have jammed a month's worth of activity! We are pretty much all unpacked and making the house feel like our home. My most favorite part has been loving getting doted on by our family this week!! I have realized just how much I have missed them all over the past three years. Little things like my mother in law making us an extra meat loaf to take and cook at our place, my daddy just deciding to pop on over after work to help cut a hole out for our dishwasher, Nana making us dinner and fried pies, calling Papa to come over to deal with the weirdos that were sitting by the street, and riding on over to our cousin's house for no real reason but 'just because.' Gosh we have missed out, and are sooo enjoying getting back used to having help and not having to rely on just ourselves. Blessed, doesn't even begin to describe it!

Most Looking Forward To:
I am ready for this next week and am hoping to settle down a little bit into a routine. Our first week back has been so busy, that we just need life to slow down a little bit. Working non-stop and going non-stop begins to take its toll both mentally and physically. I love the bussle but am ready to get to enjoy laying on a float in the lake, getting Little Bit's nursery ready by putting together her crib and furniture, and enjoying some time spent getting back used to living in the area!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bumpdate- 27,28,29,30,31 Weeks!

So I got a little bit behind...

Growth: We are in the third trimester and feeling good! At 31 weeks all her senses are intact, meaning she can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Elizabeth is close to the size of a big head of lettuce and is weighing at about 3 and 1/2 pounds. She flip flops around a lot but I can tell she is starting to go into the head down and feet up position a lot, especially during the day. At night she will flip or rotate so she is sideways with her head on my right hip and her feet kicking my left hip. On Friday at work she had both of her feet on the middle of the bottom of my ribs and would stretch and push up. I felt like my ribs were being pulled up out of my skin. It was kinda uncomfortable:) Liz also still does this thing where she will get shy. She will be dancing and then Chris or myself will start rubbing or poking my belly and she will stop. I imagine she is just trying to figure out what we are doing to her. 

How I'm Feeling: I doing really good. No complaints about anything. Just trying to survive the last week of school and making the move back to GA. Chris is really handling all the moving details, which I really appreciate. He won't let me help pack anything and I have been just trying to stay out of his way. My wedding rings still fit and my feet don't really swell. I do feel like I am starting to get puffy in my face. I feel very proud of my weight gain, although I would die before I told anyone other than my mother the exact amount, I am right smack dab in the normal/recommended range for my BMI for this point in my pregnancy.

With moving, especially while in your third trimester, comes a lot of complicated things we had to figure out: ie. new doctors, new insurance. Everything has fallen into place very easily. I am super excited and can't wait to meet my new doctor, which is Dr. Lambert at North Point Obgyn. I have only heard amazing things about him and this doctor office! 
Favorite Moments: 
I feel like a roly poly bug and while trying to paint my nails my sweet husband offered to. Yes he offered:) Definitely a keeper, and is doing to make such a good girl daddy. 

GRADUATION!! Chris graduated last weekend. It was a such a happy moment. So proud of Chris and all the hard work he has and is devoting to following his calling. Seminary is not for the faint of heart and takes dedication. For the past 3 years I have had the privilege of watching him change everyday to being closer and closer to God, an amazing experience to watch anyone you love go through. 
I started to bawl my eyes out when he left me that morning to go line up. He didn't know I snapped the above picture, but I should have videoed it. He was walking with a purpose, a pride strut, and just so excited that he made it. 

Most Looking Forward to: Moving! We are in our last week in Nola, my next bumpdate picture will be taken in Georgia! Now if only the next 6 days will zoom by, so we can start our next adventure!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bumpdate- 24, 25, and 26 Weeks

(fyi this post is not updated. I am currently 27 Weeks, but my hubby is in GA this weekend and I don't have anyone to take my 27 week picture. boo hoo :)

Growth: 26 weeks means she is about the size of a whole head of lettuce! Elizabeth is also about 14 inches long and this week I feel like I actually look pregnant. Infact most friends are now commenting to me that they can see my bump now. I wear such baggy clothing most of the time that it had just looked like I had eaten a too many cupcakes:)  

How I'm Feeling: I'm doing great! Little Bit likes to kick and punch at the same time which is a pretty weird sensation. I tease and say she has a great left hook punch. She will get on a roll and one time I started counting after a couple of kicks and chops in and I got up to past 20! Such an active little thing, and I swear she already has personality. She will be showing off her moves for me, and I'll call Chris over and the second he puts his hand on my stomach she will stop. Then he will leave and she'll go right back at it. She knows how to put on a good front:)

Favorite Moments: My sweet coworkers threw me a baby shower after school! It was actually a joined shower because my 4th grade teammate, Maria, is getting married in June, so they just threw one for the both of us.

We racked up on giftcards and also received some precious baby outfits, bumbo seat, and our bounce around exersaucer!

Maria is going to kill me for this picture, but it's the only one I got! We both teach 4th grade and I have had the wonderful privilege of working with her. She is a wonderful teacher and is going to be a gorgeous bride! I was so glad that we got to have a joined shower because I get super embarrassed and tend to act-a-fool in front of not only adults, but especially in front of my peers!

Everything tastes better in Nola, I assure you it is not just a pregnancy thing, even their normal cakes are just better. It was delicious and I may have eaten a piece that was the size of my hand... maybe my arm... I don't know, but I ate probably way too much. It was just good:)

I wanted to show off my new maternity top! I was super excited I got to wear this to my shower, and I assure you it is going to be worn out by the time summer is over.

Most Looking Forward to: EASTER BREAK!!! Ahhh... it has been hard the past couple of weeks to see my GA peeps enjoying their Spring Break and posting all over facebook about it, but finally ours has arrived! We got Good Friday off and then the whole week after. I love how in New Orleans it is referred to as Easter (or Easta as my cajun kiddoes say) Break. It is always the week after Easter which probably has something to do with lent and all the Catholics. They even put Easter Break on school calendars, to me it's all about the little religious things here and there that they still allow us to do in schools that makes me appreciate it even more:)

This week I've been busy crossing things off our to do list! I've got our maternity/newborn pictures scheduled, insurance information completed, sorted and threw out a bunch of junk we had collected the past 3 years, packed up some boxes, and taken a couple of naps:)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Bumpdate- 23 Weeks

Baby's Growth: Little bit is the size of a papaya and is just a little over a foot tall. She weighs about 1 and 1/4 pounds and supposedly can respond to sounds she hears from outside the womb. 

Movement: She kicks and rolls a lot. Some days I can tell there is greater pressure on my bladder than others. 

How I'm Feeling: Two words: leg cramps. I have been getting pretty killer leg cramps at night that wake me up. I also seem to get them more often in my left leg than my right one. My entire calf muscle just squeezes and sends shooting pain leaving my calf stiff and sore into the next day. My doctor told me to take a calcium supplement on top of my prenatal and that might help. I probably get them from being on my feet all day teaching. I feel like I rarely sit down. 

Favorite Moment This Week: 

Elizabeth was so cute at our ultrasound last week. She had her hands all over her face, and wouldn't move them until the very last of the appointment. She kept putting both of them up over her eyes or clutched near her mouth/ears. She also had her sweet legs stuck straight out and her ankles were crossed. It will be neat seeing her after she is born sleep with her legs crossed and her hands near her face. We are going to have to get some of those little baby gloves that protect her from scratching herself!

Every picture has an arm or hand in the way.

Look at that nose and lips! Right now her features are prominent because she has very wrinkly skin and no body fat. Soon those cheeks will be filled out so we can kiss and pinch them. 

Little foot print. For me the coolest part was being able to feel and watch her move at the same time. When I sit and just feel her kicking or rolling I wonder what she is really doing in there, and I could watch her move on the screen while I felt her. An experience that's kind of hard to explain. 

Most looking forward to: 
Next week is LEAP standardized testing for my students. Testing week and the weeks leading up to it are the most stressful couple of weeks to be a teacher. This week we are reviewing everything to help reinstate what we have been learning all school year. I am also trying to instill confidence in my students. I think that if you can make a student believe in themselves, that they can do it, then they do much better. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bumpdate- 20, 21, and 22 Weeks

(if you are looking at this on an iphone, the song won't always appear. fyi I posted a song:) 

I know it's been a while since I posted my last bumpdate. Things have been cray cray around here the past couple of weeks. At least this one is on time:) 

I have been loving this song right now, "Let Them See You" by the JJ Weeks Band. As far as parenting goes, everyone who doesn't have kids are of course the best parents ever (...who's not guilty of this one...). Of course since we are expecting, I have really been thinking about the values that I want to teach Elizabeth. I have heard this song every day either on my way to work or on my way home for the past 2 weeks straight. I cry every single time because I think about how this is my number one goal for her. I want her to see Jesus in me. I want to be the example for her like our parents were for us.  I sing this as a prayer that my Christ can use me as an example of His love to my children. I feel like if all parents put this as their first goal, then everything else will trickle into place. (that's our goal anyways:)

Baby's Growth: At 22 weeks she is the size of a corn on the cob and has a layer of fine hair just like corn silk. She supposedly sleeps 12-14 hours a day and weighs close to a pound. Her eyes are perfectly formed except she lacks the pigment in her iris. We're pretty much convinced she is going to have brown eyes from her Waldron genes, either way they will be beautiful! 

Movement: I have been able to feel her for some time now. Online and in baby books it describes the first feelings of movement as butterfly wings across your belly. For me it felt more like a worm wiggling in there! Now we can really feel her move. Sometimes she will surprise me and give a couple of kicks while I'm teaching.

Weeks 20 and 21 it felt like she was jumping on my bladder at times. She really was positioned where her feet were kicking right on it. I would get a ping and immediately feel like I was going to wet my pants. Luckily her kicks weren't that powerful yet and there weren't any accidents! 

Now her kicks and jabs occur all over. One moment on the top of my stomach, and the next moment something is going on over on the side. Chris will put his hand on my stomach and can feel her too! Just yesterday he put his ear and head down on my belly to listen and she gave a jab right to the side of his face! It was perfect timing, and the look on his face was priceless! Already getting on to Daddy. 

How I'm Feeling: I'm doing great. The second trimester is considered the "honey moon" time frame of pregnancy. My class is going okay this year, just super stressful with common core and the standardized testing, but I won't go on a rant on that.

Last Friday I brought donuts for my class and waited until the end of the day to give them out. I surprised them and passed one out to everyone and made them all wait before they could dig in. Then I said, "Alright, anyone notice what the donut is missing?" Of course they all said, the hole in the middle. I replied, "That's right. It's missing it's baby. But that's okay because Mrs. Bagley has one. I'm going to be having a baby!"

Screams were emitted. I never knew fourth graders would get that excited. (let's get real it was the donuts)

I wish I could have recorded their remarks and replies. Kids really do say the darnest things. Some of them hoped that she would look like them. Some of them wanted to say that she was their cousin. Some of them said that she is going to be smart because I was going to teacher her everything. 

Before I told them the gender we made a mock chart on the board and I let them vote. Boys easily won. I only have 6 girls. The names they were suggesting were halirous. Mostly after themselves or famous movie character names.  

I want to give a shout out to those couple of students who found my facebook page and my blog over Christmas. If you still read this, (I don't think they do, but you never know) thank you for respecting my privacy. I never had to deal with rumors or anything. Thanks for letting me get to tell everyone when I was ready. You totally rock, and will forever be my babies! "Don't make mama mad 'cause she will kara-te chop!" (inside joke) 

Favorite Moment This Week: Getting my hair did and ordering a couple of tops for walmart maternity online. I just needed a couple of things to help me feel not so frumpy, and walmart maternity has basic shirts and dresses that are very well priced. I'm super excited my order is in and relieved that I will have a couple new things to wear.

Most looking forward to: This Thursday is my next doctor appointment and I am very excited because we are getting to do another ultrasound. At our gender reveal and anatomy scan the technician wasn't able to get good positioning to do all her checks on Elizabeth's sweet face. We could clearly see that everything was normal, but she wanted to do another one just to make sure. Liz had her head propped up next to the placenta and it was blocking some of one side. I really am hoping to get some good 4D pictures this time! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bumpdate- 19 Weeks

In case you missed the facebook post, our precious baby is a beautiful girl! 

Baby's Growth: 19 weeks!! Eekk! She is now the size of a zesty zucchini and is starting to spout little hairs on her tiny head:) She is also developing a waxy coating that protects her skin from the amniotic fluid and makes traveling down the canal a little easier at birth. 

Boy or Girl: Elizabeth Lynn is the most beautiful thing I have ever set my eyes on. She is absolutly perfect! Our appointment was amazing and it was so wonderful to have our mamas there to experience it with us! We could see her moving her arms around trying to find her mouth and her legs were perfectly crossed just like a lady! We weren't able to get a close up, front image, of her precious face because she was using the placenta like a pillow and actually has her head right up next to it. We could see her face, but the doctor wasn't able to get a good 3D ultrasound picture because the placenta was a little in the way. 

She is measuring right smack dab on the day and the ultrasound technician said, "She is perfect!" Since her legs were crossed they made me drink some cold water, and in just a few minutes she moved so she we could see her little bum and tell that she was a girl. Chris and I have loved the name Elizabeth because we feel like it is very southern and classic. Chris's great grandmother's name was Elizabeth, and the middle name Lynn comes from both my mamma's and my middle name. 

In this picture you can see her mouth is open. We were able to see her lips opening and closing. One hand is up close to her head and the other arm is hanging down her side. She was obviously looking for that thumb to suck on. 

Chris says that she was giving us a little wave:)

Yep... she's a thumb sucker! You can see her thumb made it to her mouth:) Now if that's just not precious. 

This is not the best picture to show how her legs were crossed, but it's the only one we got. This picture is showing her side/back and you can see her legs were crossed one over the top. During the appointment, the doctor would pan down and we could see she was relaxed and chillin' with her thumb in her mouth and her legs crossed! Just like a little lady.

How I'm Feeling: On cloud nine! We admit, we really thought it was a boy, so we were surprised when we first found out it was a girl! We love her so much already, and love being able to call her by her name now. 

Favorite Moment This Week: Having our moms here was such a blessing. Listening to their reactions in the ultrasound room was something I will never forget. I loved getting to share this experience with them, and can't wait to share many more with all of our family. I wish everyone could have been in that room with us! She is one loved little girl already and has so many people who are excited about her arrival and praying over her life already!

Most looking forward to: Our next appointment in March we get to have another ultrasound to get a good look at her face. The doctor wasn't able to get a clear 3D to make her checks, so she wants to do another one just to be sure. I'm glad we will get to see her again, and in a month she will be even bigger and we will be able to see even more! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Bumpdate- 18 Weeks

(picture taken at 6:30 in the morning. hints the bags under my eyes)

Baby's Growth: At 18 weeks little bit it the size of a mango or sweet potato. This week facial features are developing and it can yawn, hiccup, swallow, and maybe even suck its thump. According to my app, the baby is like a karate martial artist by punching, kicking, and thrashing about, I just can't feel all of its movements yet.  

Boy or Girl: The time has come. This Thursday will be the day we will find out:) 

How I'm Feeling: Anxiety about our appointment has set in. Last time we saw the baby it was 7 weeks and hardly the size of a gummy bear. Now we will see all its arms, legs, blood circulation, and take vital measurements! It's nerve wracking to me because I just want everything to be healthy. I know once we see that sweet baby on the screen all those worries will fade, but anticipation is getting to me now:) 

Favorite Moment This Week: Sunday here was a rainy day. Evening church was cancelled and we were able to come home, get in our PJ's, and watch a movie on the sofa. Sundays are so busy for us because we are gone all day, so it was such a nice break to get to be lazy on a rainy day. 

Thankful For: Our mamas! They are coming into town and we are gearing up for a tear filled trip with lots of baby talk! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bumpdate- 16 and 17 Weeks

Baby's Growth: Currently I am 17 weeks and right baby is the size of a pomegranate! It's bones are starting to harden, the brain is now controlling the heartbeat at a steady rhythm instead of just random intervals, and the arms and legs should have reached more human like proportions compared to the head. 

Boy or Girl: Only 2 more weeks until we find out! I've really started praying hard that we will be able to see everything at our next appointment! I am also nervous to make sure the anatomy scan goes well on that day and everything looks healthy and normal.
"Little bit, now listen to mama, you are not allowed to cross your legs on Feb. 27th!" 

Cravings: I don't think I could survive right now without mixed fruit cut up from the deli, Special K granola mixed with chobani vanilla yogurt, and gatorade. I drink one small gatorade with dinner and I look forward to it every day:)

How I'm Feeling: Headaches and weird dreams have been recently occuring this past week. I've never had a migraine before, and I know I'm not having them now, but they are definitly the worst headaches I have ever had. The kind where it starts around noon one day, goes on all through the night, and you wake up the next morning still with it. Just a constant pain in my brain:) Weird dreams have also started. I dreamed just the other night that I was teaching and we had a fire alarm, but we were all trapped and couldn't get out. 

Favorite Moment This Week: I found my dream pair of maternity jeans! They fit perfectly, feel like I'm wearing yoga pants, and are super stylish. They are skinny and I can easily roll them up into cute capris. Also, girls yall will totally understand this, but they make but bum look nice and perky:) I was afraid maternity jeans would be fumpy, wouldn't fit my little short legs, or make me look like an old lady.  Old navy, skinny pant, normal leg maternity jeans is where it's at! 

Thankful For: One of the joys of living in NOLA is Mardi Gras. I am really thankful that we get a week off for Mardi Gra and one for Spring Break. I'm counting down the school days, only 8 and 1/2 for me, to make it until that sweet blesse'd week off!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bumpdate- 15 Weeks

Baby's Growth: At 15 weeks baby is the size of an apple or an avocado! It is about 4 inches long and is practicing breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid. This week the eyes are moving closer to the font of the head and their ears are moving to the sides to make our little bit look more like a human and less like a little alien:)

Boy or Girl: Mark your calendars because we will know February 27th which one it is! We are very excited to have our mama's flying in to go to our apointment with us! When we told our doctor that they were coming into town for the apointment she laughed and said that we better make sure we have plenty of tissues! I'm so glad they are traveling all this way to share in the moment!

Cravings: We went to the movies Saturday to see Lone Survivor and I finally got my coke icee! Let's just say I was 'that person' making the really loud slurping noises during the movie to make sure I sucked up every last drop!

How I'm Feeling: I'm doing good. No complaints this week! I'm sure Chris is excited because I am thinking I'll be able to get back in the kitchen to make dinner this week. He has had to man the meal making the past couple of weeks and has done a wonderful job, but I'm sure he is glad to pass that torch back to me. 

Favorite Moment This Week: Thursday we went to our 15 week doctor appointment and got to hear the heartbeat again. This time we could really hear it, loud and clear! Chris even recorded it and we emailed it to our parents to share! We got some tear filled phone calls from Gran and Papa after they heard that wonderful sound!

"Best dang heart beat there ever was!" (we're not partial or anything)

Another pretty awesome part of the week was both of us having our schools cancel for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. As you can see the amount of snow/ice we got was just plain detrimental.

Clothes: This week I'm going to go look for 1 pair of work maternity pants and 1 pair of maternity jeans. I want to find some jeans that I can roll up to make into capris without looking weird. I'm going to go check out tjmax and goodwill first, then I'll check out oldnavy or gap. My pants are fine now, but I know one morning the next couple of weeks I'm going to wake up and have an ugly cry over having nothing to wear. Let's avoid all ugly cries if possible.

Most Looking Forward: Getting this next week over with. With the days off for weather last week I have to pack a lot into my students this week to make up for it! It's gonna be a doozy. 

Thankful For: I can't get over how thankful I am for our families right now. The precious phone calls after hearing the heart beat recording will be something I hope to never forget. Even though we have distance between us our families have really reached out to be there, by calling and text messages. Even last night, I sat and listened to Chris skype with the Carder Clan and it is so much fun making jokes and being included even though we aren't there in person!