Saturday, June 29, 2013

That ol' sweet song...

Chris and I have a netflix account use my mom's netflix account, and we decided to watch the movie, Trouble with the Curve. It's a total baseball movie, and even though I grew up watching Braves games on the tube, I know absolutely nothing about baseball.

Anyways, some of the filming for that movie was in Georgia and in the mountains, not far from where we grew up. At one point during the movie I just looked over at Chris and said, "I miss home." Understanding exactly why I was saying this he just nodded and said, "Yeah, me too."

We haven't been in GA since Christmas, that's going on 7 months. Our longest stretch. I miss the familiar winding roads, being able to just drive, passing by pastures with mountains in the background. It's like I just need my... fix. 

The city drives this country girl insane.

Next Sunday, as in not tomorrow but the next one, Chris and I are heading to that most precious state and place to my heart. I'm so glad because I'm not sure I could go much longer. Life for us in NOLA is stressful, it's not like we're just sitting over here watching the Mississippi River drift by and eatin seafood (although those are both things I enjoy doing).

Being in GA is like a sigh of relief. Seriously, it's hard to put into words, but when we cross that state line it's like all the anxiety, worry, and stress just lifts off my shoulders. I can relax. I can breath.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Absolute Favorite Picture of All Time

This is my most favorite picture of all time. It's of my grandparents on my mamma's side. My mom's parents. I could just stare at it for hours (which I know is very weird).

I never got to meet my grandmother, she died of cancer before I was born, but when I imagine her or hear stories of her I always imagine her looking like this. She is absolutely beautiful, her dress is ageless, and  she seems so happy.

When I look at my grandpa I see a side of him I never met. The side of him when he was with her. He too seems very happy. And when I look at him I can see some of my brothers face in his. 

I love the way it is black in white, I love his uniform, and her goofy hairband. I love the lace and pearls. I just love it. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Give it a Whirl

So along with every other girl, I'm a big fan of pintrest. I have the app on my phone and whenever I am board I will start scrolling. My favorite categories to look at are the health and fitness, humor, diy, and home decor. A couple of weeks ago I saw a post of where you can turn a regular blender into a Magic Bullet by using mason jars. So I tried it, and it really does work!

Since eating watermelon on vacation last week, I went to the store and picked one up for us. I say 'us' but I really just mean 'me' because Chris won't eat watermelon. SAY WHAT??!! 

Yes it is true, he doesn't like watermelon. So even though I bought a whole seedless one for just myself, it's been only 3 days and half of it is already gone. It's just that good people!

I used this method to cut up my watermelon, and it went fairly easily. I put some of it in a tub to be frozen, and most of the pieces in a different tub to keep in the fridge.

Here's the list of 'stuffs' that you need to make a watermelon frosty. A blender, mason jar, frozen pieces of cut up watermelon (duhh), and sprite.

If your cheap like me you skip the sprite and buy this stuff. It was only 99 cents, and it's diet. Score!

For my blender I have to use regular mouthed mason jars. I was pretty disappointed when this cute mason jar cup my sweet sister in law Ashley made me didn't fit:(

But these two babies fit perfectly so I was relieved. The smaller mason jar is perfect for me for regular smoothies anyway. I never can usually drink the whole thing, and the little size is perfect portions.

To make a watermelon frosty I just plopped some frozen watermelon and a little splash of sprite in the jar, screwed on the lid, and hit pulse a couple of times.

I still used a towel, just in case the jar was to break.

It's pretty daggone good.

Then to make a fun bubbly drink I just put together a couple of pieces of non-frozen watermelon and more sprite. 

I'm in love with using mason jars with my blender. A couple of nights ago I even made cauliflower crust pizza and I used this same method to mince up the cauliflower. (i don't own a food processor)

I still advice you to to be careful,  make sure the blades won't hit the glass while they are spinning and use a dish towel just in case!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Parentials

Growing up VBS was always a BIG deal and I am glad to see it still is. When I was little my best friends were my church girl friends and during VBS and revival week, we would always end up taking turns at spending the night at each others houses. 

My parents are both very involved in church, and have been for as long as I can remember. They love working with children, because (quite frankly) they are just big kids too!
They're the coolest parents a gal could ask for!

(video was sent via iphone and isn't the best quality)

Here's a video that was sent to me about two weeks ago from Chris and mine home church in GA. My sweet daddy is the one that comes running in, and my mama is the one who's trumpet doesn't work. I guess now all my work and seminary friends can see where I get it from:)

*Updated Note: you may not be able to view the video if you are checking the blog on your phone

Saturday, June 15, 2013

3 Years Going On Forever

This past week Chris and I have been relaxing in the sun in Panama City Beach with the Carder Clan. It was really nice getting to swim in the ocean (the water was absolutely beautiful) and get our tans on.

(this picture looks like Chris is going bald, but nope that's just his goofy hairline and the way the light is hitting it)

Wednesday was our 3 year anniversary.  Everyone couldn't believe that it had already been 3 years, and many needed reminding that we've been in NOLA for 2 years. It is crazy how time flies. 
To me it seems like we got married yesterday, but like we've been in New Orleans FOREVER.

So with our 3 years of marital bliss and living all by ourselves several states away from any family, we have learned a few things about how to deal with each other:

1. communicating and listening: We're all each other has got here. Sure we have friends, but ultimately it comes to down to him and me. Communication always is important, but sometimes listening can be even more important. 
Here's a true example: 
Chris says, "Megan, I'm gonna take out the trash." 
And I heard "Megan, you look like trash."
yeah.. we both laughed at that one, and it really happened right before we were going to go out on a date!

2. managing money: CAUSE IT DOESN'T GROW ON TREES!!! It is very important to make sure you have a budget and both agree to stick to it. Chris and I have been very blessed along the way to have never had to have any serious financial crisis, but we have been close! Lots of marriages get divorces over money woes, and having a simple budget to go by helps solve a whole load of potential problems. 

3. helping each other out: Every week we try to do something nice for each other.  Simple things like doing the laundry, washing the dishes, or vacuuming the rug can be really nice to help each other out. Since we don't have a dishwasher, I tame the kitchen sink. Chris will usually help wash some dishes so I don't have to that night. On the other hand, Chris usually mans the laundry and I will help him fold the clothes. Little things to help make each others work load a little bit easier can really be a nice gesture.

Here's to many more years of being married to my "preacher man!"
I wouldn't trade him for anything!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

1st Day of Summer

So today I embarked on a great adventure! TODAY was my first real day of summer! No students, no conferences, no work, just sweet relaxation.

Last Thursday I said adieu to my sweet fourth graders. It was the students' last day of school and I was more than ready to bid them farewell for the summer. That Thursday morning we had an award cermony and then all but four of my kiddoes checked out to begin their summers early. I only cried a little while I said goodby to my student that I awarded with "Most Improved Student of the Year." I don't mean it lightly when I say that I worked my bumm off for this child. In her reading test scores she grew from a very low approaching basic to a high mastery score. Her hard work paid off, and when she gave me a big hug with eyes watering telling me that she wished I was her teacher in 5th grade, I couldn't help but get weepy.

Then Friday was our teacher records day. I had to pack up some things from my classroom so the janitors could come in over the summer and scrub down the walls and wax the floor.

By the way, I haven't shared with my blog readers, but even though I had to go through the ringer with all the job stuff for next year, things went full circle, and next year I will be staying in 4th grade! I am estatic! It's funny how God always works things out!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have been at a teaching conference all day for 4th and 5th grade teachers. I'm not gonna lie, IT WAS SUCH A BUMMER, to have to go to a conference right at the start of summer and knowing that everyone else was already sleeping in and forgeting about school work. It was tough staying focused, but now that it is over I am glad that it was at the start of summer instead of cutting in at the end. 

So what did I do for my first day of summer?

Well, I slept in until a whopping 8:00, filled a trash bag with old clothes from Chris and I to be donated to the Seminary Swap Shop, did some laundry, washed a few dishes, watched some boring morning news shows, and went to the campus pool for a couple of hours.

Overall a start to a pretty root tootin' break!