Friday, December 27, 2013

The Secret Is Out!

For the past 10 weeks Chris and I have been keeping a little secret! We wanted to wait to tell our parents in person, and man was it worth the wait!

We are so blessed to announce the coming of the newest addition to our family. Expected arrival date July 25, 2014!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Chris and I made a trip to visit the local New Orleans pumpkin patch, ya know... Walmart, and picked us a fine specimen. 

Actually we are just big cheapos and pulled one out of the $4.99 bin, but I must say it really is near darn perfect! 

The last week I've had it sitting outside our apartment door in the hallway but for some reason the baby lizards, or geckos, whatever they are, took a likin' to it. (south Louisiana seems to be infested with these things)I didn't want them to start making a home so I brought him inside to sit on our table instead. 

Now just to decide how we are going to carve him! I really want to do something with the drill, maybe little drill holes in a design? or drill hole polka dots? Chris wants to make a jack o'latern and since he does most the carving we'll prob make that. I just love this time of year, there's just something about that pumpkin sitting on our table that is making it seem more festive.

On a side note, it was 93 degrees today here. Yep... still wearing shorts and tshirts! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013


What the heck is that thing. Gross... Hard to tell but it is easily the same size across as my iphone. Biggest insect with wings I think I have ever seen. Thank goodness it is dead on the front of my car and not flying in the hair. Oh the joys of living in a swamp. 

on a side note: my car is currently washed and clean with most bug splatters removed

Saturday, October 5, 2013

September Outing

 So I'm a little late writing about our September outing. If you missed it last month, Chris and I have decided to once a month go out and do something touristy. For August we went and checked out Frenchmen Street and ate some beyond amazing Italian Creole food. 

For September we went and ate a Jazz Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters. For starters, we're not really brunch people. I just have this weird picture in my head of bunch meaning guys wearing button up collared shirts and girls wearing sun dresses and eating quiche while sipping mimosas. 

I'm not sure Chris has ever had quiche... in fact I'd bet on that he hasn't... 

It was a buffet, and they had everything under the sun. Lots of peel and eat shrimp, jambalaya, etouffee, a meat carving station, turtle soup, fruit, pasta salads, pancakes, omelette station, and various desserts. Even with all that variety of food, we found it to be so-so. Nothing was really amazing, but it wasn't bad either. I'd say that this was a nice place to visit, but definitely not a place that we will go back to either. 

I grabbed this picture from the internet. We sat at a little table just to the right from the fountain. It was packed. Every table was swarmed with people. Chris and I ate and watched birds splash around on the top tier of the fountain. I imagine they eat little crumbs left by people. There was a little jazz band playing in the back, but unfortunately we were unable to hear the music from where we were sitting. 

The canopy made by the tree branches was amazing! It was gorgeous  and I bet this would be a great spot for a wedding reception, all lit up at night with little white lights. 

Leading into the restaurant they have these old gates from Spain that are said to have a spell cast over them. New Orleans is big on voodoo and sorcery. I gave in and gave a little touch. 

We are loving our outings and are planning to continue going to new and different places around the city. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


What has happened to us? All I ever hear about it how no one wants to do any work? Aren't we all in search of the dream job, with high salary, and zero work?

When I walk into work and say my usual good mornings to all the same faces I see every day there is always this look that I get back. You know the look... everyone has seen it. It's a look of pure dread, tiredness in the eyes, and is typically accompanied with a groan or mumble. I hear others talk proudly of how they can do the bare minimum and get by; just enough so no one will notice their slack. Just enough to make it look like they are trying.   

People, just take  a look around. Nothing is here because it just magically poofed out of air. Someone had to work to make that car you drive, someone had to work to farm and produce the food you eat, someone had to sew those clothes you are wearing, someone had to build the walls that surround your home, someone had to do it. And how do you feel knowing that someone slacked or did the minimum for the things you own? 

Genesis Chapter 2 verse 15 says:

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

The first thing God had man do was to WORK! Yes, genuine work! Not just laying on his bum around Eden and watching the sunset! He had to work and take care of it. Adam had to name all the animals. Which might seem like an easy job, but I imagine after the first hundred thousand or so, it got kinda tedious and boring.  The Bible even says that no suitable helper was found for Adam and what lead next was the creation of a woman.

We are supposed to work, its in our nature, its in our being. We are supposed to go do, construct with out hands, plan with our minds! 
How far away we have turned. Now people are rewarded with their laziness and bragging to others about how they were able to do the minimum without anyone noticing.  

If you are hating to work, then I'm asking you to take a step back and think of the blessing you have to be able to work. Think of the people who can't find jobs. Right now I can even think of a friend of ours who is in his 20's and has bouts of extreme pain and horrible health problems. All he probably wants to do... is go out and get a normal job to work. We are created to work in His name, for His good. 

Let's just try to keep a little perspective, and maybe put a little bit more giddy in our steps as we trod off to work in the morning. Work doesn't have to be a bad thing, no matter what your profession. Take pride, and just go do

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pure Sweetness

This version of It is Well With My Soul by Daniel Martin Moore is so pure and sweet. It's the perfect backdrop music for playing while studying or working. I think I'll add it to my playlist for while I'm working on my scripture memory. Although, I think my Mama sings this song better than anyone else.  

In the past I've had trouble with people trying to view videos on iphones. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013


So there are some new names coming out for kiddoes. Barack-a-qui-sh-a and Obama-ni-que (kinda like Domanic). People be so cray! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Not sure if any of you have heard of a show called the The Walking Dead? Eh? Yeah, so it's just a little popular, but Chris and I have just gotten kinda addicted. This seems to be a thing for us. We never watch shows while they are currently airing. We just netflix old seasons, or stream shows for free off the internet! 

We are even able to watch the new episodes of Duck Dynasty with free internet streaming! Hey Jack we don't get no A&E on our stinky cable plan! It had been such a bummer that we were missing out on the newest shows and my Cajun students would stumble in class last year keying me in on the latest thing Uncle Si had done.

Honestly, The Walking Dead really is a stupid show. The majority of the population of Earth turns into Zombies, and the people that are left have to survive? And the way to kill the Zombies is to hit them in the head? Did I mention that the Zombies are incredibly slow walkers and really easy to kill? Give me a break, I think I could write a more intense show in my free time using only my left hand to type... But Chris and I watched the last 3 seasons, so I guess what does that say about us? 

What shows would you recommend for us to start next?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NGU Pride

"Mrs. Baaaagleey, is dat where yous from?" 

August 30th was national "Wear Your College Colors Day." And we celebrated by all faculty being allowed to wear their college shirts. Since I live in the land of LSU Tigers, I was proud to wear my North Georgia colors! I even posted some printouts on my classroom door! Several of my students enjoyed the picture of campus showing those glorious Smokies in the background! 

(yes... yes I know it is no longer NGCSU, and now is just NGU, the saint bernard is no longer the school mascott, and the logo has changed. But people 'round here don't care of the difference)

Monday, September 9, 2013


I found this at target a week ago and thought it was pretty fitting for being a teacher at the moment:) Sometimes it can feel like I'm constantly behind, but I know that the end result it always well worth it!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Labor Day ReCap

So I'm a week late on updating the blog world on what we did last weekend. I'm just sure you have all been sitting there in sheer anticipation, waiting for me to inform you on what Chris and I did for Labor Day.... cue extreme exaggeration:)

We decided that it would be great to end Summer with a day at the beach, just the two of us. Gulf Port, Mississippi is about an hour away, and they have a Dairy Queen, which is bonus points because NOLA doesn't have any. It was a hot day at the beach, VERY LITTLE breeze, notice the lack of any waves. Have you ever seen the gulf so lackluster?? We've been to Gulf Port before, so we knew what to expect. The water is yucky and we hardly got in it. With the Mississippi River Delta not too far away, it causes the salt/fresh water ratio to make the water murky. 

This was the temp Sunday afternoon around 2:30 in Amite, Louisiana. It was smokin' hot outside! Ode to fall temperatures.....

To celebrate actual Labor Day, on Monday night we invited some seminary friends over to BBQ some chicken. The heat actually had us all huddled inside our living room to eat, and we enjoyed swapping some silly stories. 

I enjoyed having Monday off of school, but it really didn't make the week go by any quicker. This week at school was pretty long, trying to stuff enough learnin' for 5 days into 4 can be quite a struggle!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just a Taste

Here's just a simple 10 second taste of NOLA in a nutshell. Notice the narrow streets, bright colored buildings, dirty pavement, random guys playing loud music, and oh yeah... some guy in a wheel chair...

There really are some beautiful sites and interesting parts to this city... guess yall just have to come and check it our yourselves! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Outing

Over the summer I got to thinking about how there are soooo many amazing restaurants in NOLA and how I'd love to try them all! Unfortunately living solely on a teacher budget and cutting calories doesn't always allow us much room to splurge.

Chris and I have decided that once a month we want to go out and do something touristy. With the quarter just a stones throw away, we really don't go and enjoy it as much as we really should.

After getting some recommendations from my teacher friends, we tried out Frenchman street and ate at Adolfo's for our month of August outing. At first I wasn't so sure because we had to go up some pretty weird stairs and the place was literally the same size as my living room, but it was well worth it!

I ordered a crab and crawfish stuffed cannoli (I thought cannoli was just a dessert) and it was AMAZING! As you can tell, Chris was already havin' at it before I could snap a pic. I'll take Creole anything, much less Creole Italian food any day of the week! Also the prices were just a little bit lower than the average NOLA food that we've experienced, which gave it even more bonus points for us! 

We already have our September outing planned for a night out at a Jazz cafe, which I am super stoked about! Never in a million years would this country gal think I would be this excited about listening to some jazz music, but I am pumped!  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Well Lookie Here

Why yes... that's me! (minus eye makeup. This picture was taken before we left for church on Sunday pretty early in the morning.) A couple of weeks ago I called my mama up to tell her that she no longer had a blond haired child. Her response, "Send me a picture right now young lady." We'll here's ya picture, just about two weeks late:)

I've ventured into the brunette gang a couple of times before, but I am loving it right now. I think what made it better was that I transitioned by just getting lowlights a couple of times before I went for the full coverage brown.

I'm loving that I don't have any roots and my hair feels so much healthier. I do miss my blond, I just think I look better as a blond and that the brown makes me look soooo pale, but for now I'm loving the change! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just to Make You Laugh

This is the time of year that every teacher, school employee, janitor, computer tech guy, and librarian dreads and hates....

on the other hand if you are a daycare worker, water park worker, lawn mover, lifeguard, maybe a pool guy, or a full time mom, this is the time of year you look forward to....

either way here is a  super funny video that Chris and I have been loving here recently:)

right now I don't have anyone named Jennifer in my circle of friends, but if I did, she would totally be a party pooper:) she do it so peoples know...... hahah. Maybe a little inappropriate, but this video is the bomb diggity! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Girls Trip!

Two weeks ago my Aunt Stephanie, cousin Ginny, Mama, and I all went on a girls trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina, and let me just begin by saying that this trip was nothing short of a hoot!

My aunt and cousin live near Honey Boo Boo's house and we just couldn't have our trip start without a quick drive by. Yes that's their real house! Sugar Bear even politely shouted to my mama a reminder that she was on private property. My mama just waved and yelled that we only wanted a picture. They really do live in a clunker of a house and right next to a gas station and railroad tracks. Although Mama June was in one of those cars, unfortunately there was no Honey Boo Boo sighting:(

It was great having some time to spend with my mama. Since we moved to NOLA (scratch that), I got married this is the longest we've spent just us. It was so nice to get to catch up on everything! 

The bayou and waterways had me thinking of Louisiana. Will I ever not have NOLA on the brain?!

We had a packed trip and stayed busy; laying out on the beach, sitting in the most comfy poolside desk chairs ever, seeing a movie, eating cupcakes, visiting Beaufort, and eating.... Pretty much you name it and we did it! One night we even went to a pottery studio! I admit I wasn't all that excited about going to paint a clay pot and just went with the flow, but I ended up really enjoying it! I made a mug and since we got back I have drank my coffee out of it every morning:)

For my mama's birthday we made reservations and ate at Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons, in Savannah. She got so many complements on her hat and attire:) 

This was the first time I have ever eaten there, and it was to die for! Before walking in we talked about how we were all worried that it wouldn't live up to the hype and we were going to leave disappointed... but it was right on with what you would expect from Paula! 

We all got the buffet and I am a bit ashamed to admit that this was my first plate! No I didn't eat every single bite here, I really don't like it when my food is touching and gets all mixed, but I did eat a lot of it! I even went back for more! Call me crazy, but my most favorite thing was her lima beans!! I'm not really a lima bean fan, but these were amazing and I could have eaten a whole bowl of just them:)

One night we drove to Beaufort, which is a cute little town with really pretty plantation and southern style houses. I'm not sure Ginny was too excited to be wearing matching shirts as the rest of us, but hey we just looked like we were ready to have a "crazy" time:) Even our waitress thought so:) 

I had a wonderful time, definitely one for the memory books. We laughed and made jokes that will continue on for many more years to come. I am so thankful that Aunt Steph and Ginny invited us on this trip with them! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

"Dancing" with daddy when they visited NOLA earlier this year. Soooo I pretty much look like I'm 5, but that's okay.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Are we Related?

I just found out there are Bagley fishing lures and even a whole company named The Original Bagley Bait.

Yea... unfortunately there is no relation:) Would have been nice to have married into some millionaires! haha 

Saturday, July 6, 2013


People in New Orleans take their snowballs to extremes . They are kind of a BIG deal:)

The creation can go by several names; snowbaz, snowbows, snobawls, snowbliz, snowwizards, snowdomes, and so on.

BUT, don't be gettin confused up in here, it is a major NOLA sin to compare a snoball to that of its frumpy cousin the snow cone! The two only have ice in common. 

I never knew there was such a difference until I tried one for myself a while back. This summer Chris and I were talking one day and we realized that he hadn't eaten a real one yet. After picking up my chin off the ground, I suggested that we remedy that immediately,  and we hopped in the car!

yeah..... we just went to this place, because it's not famous or nothin:)

I was a woman on a mission, and couldn't believe there wasn't a line:) This place is usually packed! AND IT WAS H-O-T outside:)

I got a satsuma flavored one. Satsumas are a type of sweet orange that is grown down in these parts of South Louisiana. Chris got his half and half with strawberry and lemonade.

The ice was so creamy. Did you know that ice can be creamy without cream or even anything added? Well it can! When it is shaved thin enough, it kinda has a creamy texture!

Chris loved it and now he can't wait to go to other stands and try different flavors! 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

That ol' sweet song...

Chris and I have a netflix account use my mom's netflix account, and we decided to watch the movie, Trouble with the Curve. It's a total baseball movie, and even though I grew up watching Braves games on the tube, I know absolutely nothing about baseball.

Anyways, some of the filming for that movie was in Georgia and in the mountains, not far from where we grew up. At one point during the movie I just looked over at Chris and said, "I miss home." Understanding exactly why I was saying this he just nodded and said, "Yeah, me too."

We haven't been in GA since Christmas, that's going on 7 months. Our longest stretch. I miss the familiar winding roads, being able to just drive, passing by pastures with mountains in the background. It's like I just need my... fix. 

The city drives this country girl insane.

Next Sunday, as in not tomorrow but the next one, Chris and I are heading to that most precious state and place to my heart. I'm so glad because I'm not sure I could go much longer. Life for us in NOLA is stressful, it's not like we're just sitting over here watching the Mississippi River drift by and eatin seafood (although those are both things I enjoy doing).

Being in GA is like a sigh of relief. Seriously, it's hard to put into words, but when we cross that state line it's like all the anxiety, worry, and stress just lifts off my shoulders. I can relax. I can breath.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Absolute Favorite Picture of All Time

This is my most favorite picture of all time. It's of my grandparents on my mamma's side. My mom's parents. I could just stare at it for hours (which I know is very weird).

I never got to meet my grandmother, she died of cancer before I was born, but when I imagine her or hear stories of her I always imagine her looking like this. She is absolutely beautiful, her dress is ageless, and  she seems so happy.

When I look at my grandpa I see a side of him I never met. The side of him when he was with her. He too seems very happy. And when I look at him I can see some of my brothers face in his. 

I love the way it is black in white, I love his uniform, and her goofy hairband. I love the lace and pearls. I just love it. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Give it a Whirl

So along with every other girl, I'm a big fan of pintrest. I have the app on my phone and whenever I am board I will start scrolling. My favorite categories to look at are the health and fitness, humor, diy, and home decor. A couple of weeks ago I saw a post of where you can turn a regular blender into a Magic Bullet by using mason jars. So I tried it, and it really does work!

Since eating watermelon on vacation last week, I went to the store and picked one up for us. I say 'us' but I really just mean 'me' because Chris won't eat watermelon. SAY WHAT??!! 

Yes it is true, he doesn't like watermelon. So even though I bought a whole seedless one for just myself, it's been only 3 days and half of it is already gone. It's just that good people!

I used this method to cut up my watermelon, and it went fairly easily. I put some of it in a tub to be frozen, and most of the pieces in a different tub to keep in the fridge.

Here's the list of 'stuffs' that you need to make a watermelon frosty. A blender, mason jar, frozen pieces of cut up watermelon (duhh), and sprite.

If your cheap like me you skip the sprite and buy this stuff. It was only 99 cents, and it's diet. Score!

For my blender I have to use regular mouthed mason jars. I was pretty disappointed when this cute mason jar cup my sweet sister in law Ashley made me didn't fit:(

But these two babies fit perfectly so I was relieved. The smaller mason jar is perfect for me for regular smoothies anyway. I never can usually drink the whole thing, and the little size is perfect portions.

To make a watermelon frosty I just plopped some frozen watermelon and a little splash of sprite in the jar, screwed on the lid, and hit pulse a couple of times.

I still used a towel, just in case the jar was to break.

It's pretty daggone good.

Then to make a fun bubbly drink I just put together a couple of pieces of non-frozen watermelon and more sprite. 

I'm in love with using mason jars with my blender. A couple of nights ago I even made cauliflower crust pizza and I used this same method to mince up the cauliflower. (i don't own a food processor)

I still advice you to to be careful,  make sure the blades won't hit the glass while they are spinning and use a dish towel just in case!