Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Not sure if any of you have heard of a show called the The Walking Dead? Eh? Yeah, so it's just a little popular, but Chris and I have just gotten kinda addicted. This seems to be a thing for us. We never watch shows while they are currently airing. We just netflix old seasons, or stream shows for free off the internet! 

We are even able to watch the new episodes of Duck Dynasty with free internet streaming! Hey Jack we don't get no A&E on our stinky cable plan! It had been such a bummer that we were missing out on the newest shows and my Cajun students would stumble in class last year keying me in on the latest thing Uncle Si had done.

Honestly, The Walking Dead really is a stupid show. The majority of the population of Earth turns into Zombies, and the people that are left have to survive? And the way to kill the Zombies is to hit them in the head? Did I mention that the Zombies are incredibly slow walkers and really easy to kill? Give me a break, I think I could write a more intense show in my free time using only my left hand to type... But Chris and I watched the last 3 seasons, so I guess what does that say about us? 

What shows would you recommend for us to start next?

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