Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oak Valley Plantation

While my parents were here a couple weekends back, we all went to visit Oak Ally Plantation. To put it simply, it was my favorite New Orleans Touristy thing we have EVER done!!

I think it was a combination of the BEAUTIFUL weather we had that Saturday, little crowds, great company, and oh-yeah.... the plantation!

It was stunning in every way and made me rethink about the era I was born into. (although knowing my family history I would never have been the plantation owners wife, probably more like the plantation owners female servant at best!)

Oak Ally Plantation is a little over an hour away from the city and the drive to get there was pretty cool too! We passed over lots of swamp, flat sugar cane farms, and people out crawfishin'.

The trees are just absolutely gorgeous and HUGE at that! We had a blast getting to walk around and see the slave cabins, gardens, rebel soldier tent, and of course tour the house.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flash Mob

Before our Louisiana State, LEAP, testing the teachers did a flash mob for all the students. It was priceless having ALL the faculty get up and do crazy dances, and the kids went nuts! I loved watching my sweet 4th graders faces as they cheered us all on.

Afterwards, several of my students said, "Mrs. Baaaagley, yall must be some of the crazies teachas evea!"

Click the Gauthier Video Link below to get to watch our Flash Mob!

Gauthier Video

For some reason blogger is not wanting to link up this video. So try clicking on both links and if it STILL won't work. Just copy and paste the web address in your url box and it should work then!

(Remember- This is deep south Louisiana. I would love to hear many of your pronounce the word "Gauthier" and see if you can correctly! I'll just give ya a hint. It's kind of like Go-chi-a!)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Airport Pickup

When Chris and I went to pick up my parents last Thursday from the airport we both wanted to do something really embarrassing.  Chris came up with the idea of holding signs or acting really obnoxious while they are walking through the doors leading out of the gate entrance. 

So I started googling different funny signs that people held as they were waiting for their family/friends to come off the plane. There is some pretty funny stuff that people have done on the internet but Chris came up with the idea of making a poster with goofy pictures.

Five minutes on microsoft word and this is what he came up with:)

Both the pictures we used were taken from a cruise that my family took several years ago. By dad's picture is of him sunburt with his eyes closed, my mom's picture is of her talking while she is eating. 

When they came walking up to us, we were both standing holding these signs and they immediately started cracking up. My mother swore that she didn't know us and my daddy had a big grin on his face. 

I thought we got them pretty good!