Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flash Mob

Before our Louisiana State, LEAP, testing the teachers did a flash mob for all the students. It was priceless having ALL the faculty get up and do crazy dances, and the kids went nuts! I loved watching my sweet 4th graders faces as they cheered us all on.

Afterwards, several of my students said, "Mrs. Baaaagley, yall must be some of the crazies teachas evea!"

Click the Gauthier Video Link below to get to watch our Flash Mob!

Gauthier Video

For some reason blogger is not wanting to link up this video. So try clicking on both links and if it STILL won't work. Just copy and paste the web address in your url box and it should work then!

(Remember- This is deep south Louisiana. I would love to hear many of your pronounce the word "Gauthier" and see if you can correctly! I'll just give ya a hint. It's kind of like Go-chi-a!)

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