Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Big Bro

Very proud of my Big brother!

These are pictures of him at his white coat ceremony.
 I was not able to go,
but my parents sent me pictures of them!

Man, I cant imagine Matt delivering babies
and giving stitches and shoots!

So excited for Matt and Arica's wedding! Less than 2 weeks left!!

Monday, December 26, 2011


Chris and I are sitting here,
at his mama and daddy's,
just full of happiness and in bliss.

It is that day after Christmas.

Some people see this as one of the most depressing days of the year.
The day when Christmas is over.

Chris and I are opposite.

We have seen everyone of our families!

We even talked with family that was as far as
(That's in Europe north of Greece!)

We have been very VERY blessed by our sweet family!

Thank you Welch's, Waldron's, Bagley's, and Carder's:)

We love you all!!  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Even though he sees me broken, battered, filthy, shattered, wicked, lying, failing, tired, angry, jelouse, prideful, selfish, wonder, lustful, striving, worshiping idols,

he still says,

I WANT her

I LOVE her

Man, just amazing to me.
The feeling of knowing that one day I will be standing in front of Jesus and he will point and say to me,

Her, Bring Her to me. I died for her, and I love her.
I took her nails instead.

Well done my faithful servant.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just Down Right Amazing!

I know most of you have seen this kid sing before. But it still gets me every time. Just Downright AMAZING!

Praise God! I love the ending when he really gets into it! Gives me goose bumps and make me want to jump up and start praising and singing at the top of my lungs with him!
Now yall know I would not sound nearly,
not even close,
as good as him..

but maybe if I turn my speakers up real loud, then no one will hear me anyway!

Praising him tonight from them scum streets of Nola!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday Mornin'

Ever since Chris and I went to this place called, "The Green Project" I have been wanting to go back and get an old window. I have blogged about this place before.

It is just soooo COOOL!!

What they do is when people are about to demolish old buildings in the City they come in and try to take out stuff that they can resell.

Some of the stuff is pretty cheep and you can get some deals!

On our quest for an old window,
Of course we had to walk around and look at all the Great Stuff!

I was snappin' pictures with my iphone.

Of course they had shutters galore! This is the place where Chris and I got our shutters from that cover the ugly water heater in our apartment.

They have tons of old doors! I LOVE LOVE some of the old doors they have!

It would be soooo cool to turn one into a table.

They also had really pretty old fireplace mantels!

They are all just stacked up!

Lurved this mantel:)

They also had old screen doors. I was looking for a little screen that I could reuse to hang some of my ear rings on.
But no such luck.

I liked this big turquoise one:)

They also have huge mirrors! For $1 a square foot!

I would love to get a big one and have Chris make a rustic wooden frame just for the edges!

I saw one in one of the apartments on Campus and it was fabulous!

I loved these doors!
The stuff in this place just has so much personality!

Of course they had old bathtubs as well!

Now, I know they look gross and dirty, but with some good elbow grease
they would be so cute!

This one would look better with the bottom painted a different color than puke yellow:)

Oh yeah, the whole reason why we came,

They have a WHOLE backroom full of old windows. We looked through them and wound up with 2!

All their windows are only $5 a piece for any size!

I liked this mantel too!

Thought this door was precious and wondered how it would look once all the gunk was cleaned off!

Little teeny, tiny shutters! They could be great to hold cards, letters, or mail!

More old mantels:)

So I got my windows hung up!
My sweet boy was studying hard this weekend for finals,
 so my goal was just to get them cleaned and on the wall.

I have been trying to decide what I want to put in the windows.

I was thinking pictures in the big window
and making the smaller window into a key holder.

Guess I will post more pictures with the completed product!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweet Friends

Last night I went over to our sweet friends, Preston and Cherise's house.

She was decorating their sweet apartment with cute ornaments, stockings, and even 2 Christmas trees.
I was admiring all of their adorable decorations and even told them about how I am now regretting not bringing our Christmas decorations here from GA.

We caught up and talked for a little bit and then I walked on back across the hall to our place.

I hadn't been back for 5 minutes when we got a surprise knock on the door.

It was Cherise and Preston with their little Christmas tree all decorated!

She said that since they have 2 trees, they didn't mind sharing one with us!
I was so excited! I put it up on a little table and put our meager and few Christmas presents we have bought, wrapped in newspaper, underneath!

Tonight I am sitting here on the sofa, just finishing up editing some of my sweet firsties writing papers,
and enjoying the scent of a Christmas Cinnamon candle(which I got for 35 cents with a coupon!).

I am so enjoying the glow from our borrowed Christmas Trees lights...


...watching Prep and Landing.

Well actually I am watching my sweet boy,
who is just cracking up at this silly movie.

Life is SOOO good!