Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today, after a great church service at
First Baptist of New Orleans,
I convinced Chris to go with me to chill on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain.

Yepp.... I had to google the spelling. I mean really, pontchartrain, is such a difficult word to spell!! AHH

While I was laying out on our Georgia Bulldog blanket trying to catch some rays,
my sweet boy was fishing from the bank.

He was so cute when he caught one! His voice got all excited,
"Megan!! Come Look!! I got me one!!!"

He was just a grinning ear to ear!!

Now let me just tell ya about this fish.
It was a mean sucker! Had 2 sharp teeth on the top and 2 sharp teeth on the bottom.

It was just a floppin around and Chris didn't have any pliers so he had a hard time getting the hook out.
I believe the dang thing bit him on his thumb,
but he is a tough boy, so he didn't shed any tears.

Yepp.. this was my view. Lake Pontchartrain sure is one big lake!!
Makes Lake Lanier look like a pond back home!

You can't even see the other side!
It was such a nice day. Beautiful weather!

I like the way NOLA has added these steps on certain parts of the bank of the lake. It makes it easy to fish from and to go down to the water to stick your toes in!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

City Park Night

So yesterday was a pretty big day for my school that I teach at.
It was a day off for students because we were hosting a Speech Meet that had students coming from all over southern Louisiana to compete against each other by presenting speeches.

I was very proud of my 2 sweet firsties that both preformed very well in their competition!!

After the Speech Meet was over we all got to go home for a few hours and then go to City Park Night.

What is City Park Night??

It is only the biggest night for our school as far as fundraising goes. The school has a carnival right in the middle of NOLA's City Park and people come out and eat snow balls, ride Farris wheels, and have good Christian fellowship.

Yes... I took that picture of that Farris wheel on my iphone! Yes... it is pretty amazing as far as my picture taking abilities go. Yes.... I have gotten to where I really like to take pictures. Yes... I have gotten to where I really like to pictures of OTHER people. No... I do not like to be in pictures. Yes... I am one of those girls that always says that they just don't look right in pictures! 
Chris tagged along and all my sweet littles enjoyed getting to see Mr. Bagley:)
It was neat getting to see them out of their school uniforms and in 'regular' clothes!

My kiddoes have to wear school uniforms everyday! I will have to post some pictures some time of their little plaid skirts and polo shirts!

I was amazed at the concession stand. This is NOLA after all.
Ever been to a concession stand that sold wine for $5 bucks and draft beer for $6?
I find it humorous how it lists the food in this order:
water, daiquiri, beer, ice cream, coffee, hot chocolate, coke, wine, cookies, candy

Thanks goodness that this is a Christian School and they were not selling those, but it was a concession stand that is set up at every event they have in City Park! They still be promoting the booze! City Park, as in park, as in families, as in kids, as in parents drinking with their kids, at the park.... I guess I just shouldn't even get started!!

Only in NOLA!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend Papa and Nana came for a visit!
We had so much fun and enjoyed getting to catch up with them!

The weather here was absolutely perfect!
Sunny skies with a little bit of a breeze in the 80's.

We got to go inside St. Lewis Cathedral!
It was neat! We just kind of walked in, and no one really seamed to notice or care that we were there. 

This is the oldest Catholic Church in the U.S.
We aren't Catholic, but it was still neat to look around and think of the history in those walls!

We also walked through the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park Building.
They still have jazz played here throughout the week.

I am not a really big Jazz fan. It is not just something that I want to turn my radio on and listen to while riding in the car, but when walking down the streets it is neat to hear the Jazz music being played by the street artists.

I took an inside picture inside of Landry's.

The funnest, touristy thing to me that we did was ride the St. Charles Avenue Street Car.
It was soooo nice just riding, with the wind coming through the open windows and getting to take in the sights.

I always have to have some sort of goofy picture. Chris was trying to hide and pretend that he didn't know me.

We went through a stinky spot! This city really reeks sometimes!! 

Picture inside the street car.

I tried to catch some shots of the beautiful houses we were passing. Some of them were huge and very pretty, designed to look like old plantation houses.

I wish I had gotten some better pictures of the really big ones. 

Papa and Nana left early Monday morning, and I instantly missed them. I know they were ready to go home, but just knowing that they were here was so nice! You really do miss the comfort of having family just down the road! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Papa and Nana came for a visit, and they brought goodies!!

Chris and I are so spoiled!!
It was like Christmas! Except maybe a little better than Christmas because we weren't expecting it and were totally surprised by all the goodies we got!

I love these new little jars and can't wait to make cute labels for them!

We needed this and it went straight on our fridge. We are going to use it for our grocery list and Chris has already written on it that we need milk!

Gift Cards!! Ohhh how we love gift cards:) I mean really, who doesn't love gift cards???

Clothes! My sweet mama bought me some of the cutest skorts and dresses! I love them all!!



More snacks........

and more snacks....

NOT pictured were the FAMOUS peanut butter balls from Paula!!

Thank you SOOO MUCH to all of our family!

Chris and I have SOO MUCH junk food right now:) He is in high heaven from all the oreos!! That's why we already need milk, he has been eating them babies like they are goin out of style!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Tomorrow PAPA AND NANA are coming!! This has been the longest Chris and I have ever been without seeing any of our family and we have been missing all of them so much!!

We are so excited for a visit! We plan to show them around town and catch up over some goooood Cajun food!! All the while trying to stay out of the way of the St. Pattys day parades and celebrations!! Haha in this town their aint no tellin what kinda trouble we will get into;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We got spirt
Yes we do
We got spirit
How bout you!!

Yes my class won the school spirit stick at our pep rally. I teach the ONLY first grade class at a private Christian school that is grades p-k through 12 grade.

Yepp we won!!!

What did we do to win you ask??

Well, ummm.... We were the loudest!! We out cheered the rest of the classes by cheering the
Tic... Tic... Tic... BOOM!! We're dynamite! Cheer;)

You can probably guess who was the loudest one cheering....

Yepp... You can guarantee that I was a hootin and a hollerin with the rest of em!!

This is a picture of me holding the spirit stick!! Take a look at my new fab hair do!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good People

Chris and I have often talked between us about how the people in this city are incredibly arrogant and self-centered. Many just wanting handouts and what other people can do for them.

Well.... we know that there are some good people out there.

So today we went to the grocery store:)
I usually go all by myself, cause Chris HATES shopping,
but today he wanted to go with me just to get out.

Anyhoo I guess I had my phone sitting in my lap while we were driving and when I got out of the car it fell and I didn't notice.

We went and got all our groceries and took our sweet time. I didn't even realize I didn't have my cell phone at all.

When we came out of the store there was a note stuck in the car door.

Chris got it and it was written in sloppy handwriting
"If you lost your pink phone I took it inside and left it at the customer service counter. Have a nice day!"

Immediately Chris went and got my phone!

Whew!!! Crisis adverted!

There ARE some sweet caring people who live here after all!!

Time Change

So.... Yet again... Another time change has come upon us!!

Of course Chris and I forgot to set our clocks! And we woke up late!!!

Dang you time change!!

My next week just is going to be wild! It always takes some time getting used to loosing that hour! Especially to my sweet first graders!!

I do love the Spring time change because it means that when I get home it won't be dark! I enjoy getting home and having time to go out for a walk before it is scary dark!!

Oh... Subject change!! Today Chris and I are deep cleaning the apartment! Cause in less than a week we are having some company!! Yea!!!

Papa and Nana are coming for a weekend visit!! We are so excited and miss them soooo much!!! Now if only these next 5 days will zoom by until they get here;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Power out In Gentily

When there is a power outage in Gentily (which is the name of the part of NOLA we live in) ALL KINDS of problems begin!!! light don't work
It was very frustrating trying to go through a red light with the power out. You are supposed to treat it like a 4 way stop, but down here people don't know what a 4 way stop is and they definitively don't know how to let someone else go when it is their turn!!

.... People walking around to watch
People start walking around to watch the traffic chaos in the streets. I swear every slum dog was out!! Yucky people that haven't seen the light of day or a shower in weeks were standing in the streets!

.... The radio gets taken over
The whole way for me on the radio every 30 seconds the guy talking kept explain how one should drive with a power outage. Obviously people weren't listening!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Burn Baby Burn!

So today after church,
as I was taking our lunch out of the oven,
I burned myself.

AND boyyyyy did it hurt!!

Here recently I have been getting into all kinds of disasters in the kitchen!!

After a while the pain faded and Chris and I started watching a movie that was on T.V.

I couldn't help thinking about my burn.
How it was sore and hurt when I touched it.

My mind drifted to church today and our sermon.

I thought about how bad my burn today hurt,
but I can't imagine how bad the burns in hell are going to hurt!

My mind started thinking about hell and how the fire will be all over their poor bodies with no relief.
It will be agonizing pain that will last all of eternity.

I am so thankful that my Jesus died for me to save me from the depths of hell!!

Oh how a little burn can remind you of just the impact of what Jesus truly did for us!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I Apologize:)
 This week I have been non-existent except for my job or the gym.
The earliest I got home this week was 5:30 and that was on Monday!
Been running super late each day!

This has been Dr. Seuss Week at school,
father daughter dance,
late haircut appointment,
and I started a spinning class at the free gym.

My house is a mess,
my poor husband is hungry cause I haven't cooked a warm meal all week,
my laundry is packed high,


I got a cute new hairdo!!