Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend Papa and Nana came for a visit!
We had so much fun and enjoyed getting to catch up with them!

The weather here was absolutely perfect!
Sunny skies with a little bit of a breeze in the 80's.

We got to go inside St. Lewis Cathedral!
It was neat! We just kind of walked in, and no one really seamed to notice or care that we were there. 

This is the oldest Catholic Church in the U.S.
We aren't Catholic, but it was still neat to look around and think of the history in those walls!

We also walked through the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park Building.
They still have jazz played here throughout the week.

I am not a really big Jazz fan. It is not just something that I want to turn my radio on and listen to while riding in the car, but when walking down the streets it is neat to hear the Jazz music being played by the street artists.

I took an inside picture inside of Landry's.

The funnest, touristy thing to me that we did was ride the St. Charles Avenue Street Car.
It was soooo nice just riding, with the wind coming through the open windows and getting to take in the sights.

I always have to have some sort of goofy picture. Chris was trying to hide and pretend that he didn't know me.

We went through a stinky spot! This city really reeks sometimes!! 

Picture inside the street car.

I tried to catch some shots of the beautiful houses we were passing. Some of them were huge and very pretty, designed to look like old plantation houses.

I wish I had gotten some better pictures of the really big ones. 

Papa and Nana left early Monday morning, and I instantly missed them. I know they were ready to go home, but just knowing that they were here was so nice! You really do miss the comfort of having family just down the road! 

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