Sunday, March 18, 2012


Papa and Nana came for a visit, and they brought goodies!!

Chris and I are so spoiled!!
It was like Christmas! Except maybe a little better than Christmas because we weren't expecting it and were totally surprised by all the goodies we got!

I love these new little jars and can't wait to make cute labels for them!

We needed this and it went straight on our fridge. We are going to use it for our grocery list and Chris has already written on it that we need milk!

Gift Cards!! Ohhh how we love gift cards:) I mean really, who doesn't love gift cards???

Clothes! My sweet mama bought me some of the cutest skorts and dresses! I love them all!!



More snacks........

and more snacks....

NOT pictured were the FAMOUS peanut butter balls from Paula!!

Thank you SOOO MUCH to all of our family!

Chris and I have SOO MUCH junk food right now:) He is in high heaven from all the oreos!! That's why we already need milk, he has been eating them babies like they are goin out of style!

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