Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yucky Smoke and Blessings

So Monday morning I woke up to this!!!

No that is not fog!!

Trust me!! I breathed in enough for all of yall!!

On the way to work on Monday it was so bad that I had a full blown out

My throat closed up,
I was wheezing,
trying to cough,
hard to talk,
and I COULD NOT get enough AIR!!

Try breathing through a dry scratchy straw.
It was awful!!
When I finally made it to work my face was bright red and I ran into my classroom and puked in the trashcan.

No, my response is I AM NOT PREGNANT
I just was breathing acid putrid air!!!

Apparently there is a big marsh fire.
The news reports say that we need a large amount of rainfall to put it out.
Tooo bad we only get sporadic showers throughout the day,
cause WE NEED THIS THING out!!

Ok Ok moving on,
I am a college student.
Wait...... wait....

back up...

I'm W-H-A-T???

Yep, that's right I am taking classes!!

At Seminary they offer a Minster Wives Certificate and I started my classes!!

They gave me this cute bag.
Chris says that it is so bright orange that it glows in the dark,
but hey, it serves a double purpose,
cause it can also be used hunting!!

My first class is the introduction class to the Certificate.

I am reading a book named,
'Don't Miss the Blessing'

so far I have loved reading it!
It is such a great book, and is actually written by one of the old president wives of the New Orleans Seminary.

Here is just a neat little tid-bits

When Chris graduates college with his degree of a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Studies,

I will be graduating too!!

We will both wear caps n' gowns and walk down the isle to receive our papers!!

how cool is that!!

I am enjoying it!

It makes sense, cause to me honest,
even though he is the main one in our little family attending the college and doing the academic studies,

I am on the front lines, working to keep everything in order so that he can go to those classes!!

When we graduate, that will be one VERY happy day:)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hamburgers and Rook

Last night we had some friends over at our apartment for hamburgers, buffalo chicken dip, and brownies!!

I only wish I had taken more pictures!!

I had sent Tonya a text message earlier in the day saying that they needed to come over
and teach us how Tennessee Hicks play Rook!!

They defenatly play differently, and their game requires a whole new strategy that I am still getting used too!!
(I think they just made it up as they went along
haha I'm just kiddin, I got to make fun of Brian some how)

Well, now I can say that my family are not the only ones who make fun of the way I talk.
Last night several things I said didn't go unnoticed.

It is not technically what I say, but more like how I say it.

Yes I say
maaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyyied (married),
moth and not moooooooooth,
haaaaiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (hair),
and of coarse, the famous,
Have you 'aten' yet

Chris and I enjoy all our neighbors and it is so nice to be surrounded by such wonderful people

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Six Year Olds

Six years olds are tiny.

Six year olds are silly.
Six year olds are still babies!

Six year olds can't tie their shoes!
(and it drives me crazy)

Six year olds still pick their boogers,
and some even suck their thumbs.
Six year olds are so imaginative! Oh to be able to have hours of entertainment with a tiny toy motorcycle.
Six year olds are so clever.
They can sneak their way into earning a treat from the candy box.
Six year olds are dirty,
and stinky,
and smelly,
always have some kind of drink moustache on their lips,
and dirty, sticky hands.

I sure do love my six year olds!!

Especially my biggest Six year old of 'em all!!

My sweet husband:)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Not The Best

I'm not the best singer,
but boy can I jam out in my car at the top of my lungs.

I'm not the best dancer,
but I can shake what my mama gave me.

I'm not the best writer,
but I type what I am thinking at the moment.

I'm not the best cook,
but I can make a mean bowl of ceral.
I'm not the funest,
but I enjoy having fun.

I'm not the most athletic,
but I sure do enjoy those evening walks with Tonya.

I'm not the best joke teller,
but I sure can crack up.
I'm not the best sewer,
but one year I made my own Easter Dress.
I'm not the best daughter,
but I got some of the best parents a girl could ever dream of.

I'm not the best teacher,
but I love my kiddoes with all my heart.

I'm far from being the best wife,
but I got me a boy who sure loves me.

I'm not the best Christian,
but I pray to be better every day.

Mark 10:29:30 Jesus said: “Truly I say to YOU men, No one has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for my sake and for the sake of the good news who will not get a hundredfold now in this period of time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and fields, with persecutions, and in the coming system of things everlasting life.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Days

School Days, School Days,
Dear ol' golden rule day,
Readin' and 'ritin' and 'rithmetic,
Teacher hit me with a hickory stick!

Every year, on the first day of school,
my daddy would be giddy,
singing this song through the house!
For the longest time I thought he just made this up! But it is a real song!

Welp, this chick is a real workin woman.
No more little jobbies for me,
I got me a REAL job!

I is a teeaachhher!

ahhh!! sometime I can't believe they let me teach!

I am so blond!! and do some of the stupidest stuff sometimes,
but I sure do love me some kiddoes!

I have 21 students.
5 are sweet, beautiful, amazing, quiet, giggly, girls

16 are rough, dirty, mean, sneaky boys!

Due to protection I am not going to post any real pictures or name of my students. 

But I did this with them today!!

The loved it!! I had them writing their spelling words!!

So nifty nifty!!

 I am so blessed that none of my kids did this with the shaving cream! I think I would have died!
Yep..... my eyes would have rolled back in my head,
and I'd be dead.


Ohhhhhhh I just love my little 1st Graders.

Ya know kids really do say the darnest things!

Everyday the first subject we learn is Bible.
Yes I teach Bible!
It is a Christian School!!

Anyhoo during bible we make a list of prayer requests on the board.
I have students every day saying,
"Please pray for my fish, this morning he didn't look tooo good"
or my favorite
"Please pray for my mama, in the car she said that my brother and me were driving her crazy!"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Girls vs. Boys

Girls vs. Boys

Well, yesterday the ladies and gents separated.
It was so nice to get to spend some time just us women!
I had a busy week with the start of school,
and needed just some girl time.

Chris and Brian were more than happy to get out of our way.

They woke up Saturday morning about 5:30 and
were on their way

I got over to Tonya's and she already had everything set up.
We had tables, paper, scissors, stickers, glue, cutters, die cuts, card stock, magazines, string, books, and pictures.

We each set out all our stuff,
and went to town,

I worked on a scrap book from my wedding. I had paper, stickers, bows, and all kinds of doo-dads.
It was nice to get caught up!

I sure do love to Scrapbook:)
I guess it is just a girly thing, cause Chris could care less!!

This is sweet Julie!
I meet her for the first time yesterday, but we have actually talked on the phone a couple of times.
She is one busy girl!

She works on campus doing housing stuff and decorating!

She is the one who actually called Chris and I WAYYY back in early May to tell us we got upgraded to a bigger apartment on campus!

Julie is our friend,
we would have been living in a little, tiny, apartment, that is no bigger than our loving room now, if she had never called:)

Julie came over and was working on a scrapbook for a Women's Campus Organization.

Now this chick,
She brought over a whole suit case of scrapbookin stuff!
I was amazed!

This is my mess! I used some of Tonya's Stamps!
I just had to put some "B's" in my bookie!!

We worked from 10:00 to 4:00
and only took a break to eat some sandwiches!

Ummm.... these little babies were DELICIOUS!!!


Ok.. Girls vs. Boys!

The boy's, or gents (as I like to call em'),
went fishin:)

Of course I don't have any pictures from their day, cause Chris didn't take any.

Apparently it is not Cool for guys to take pictures,
so I just googled some:)

Chris said they caught a stingray
And some fish, but none that they could keep.

They had to throw all 'em suckers back!


(Chris only wishes he could catch a Red Fish this big)
(Look at the eyeball on that thing!! Yuckie:)

I asked Chris, "So what do yall boys talk about on the boat?"
Chris says, "Nothing"

Apparently, they don't talk at all!!

I would go crazy not saying a word for over 10 minutes, much less 5 hours!

Anyhoo, sounds like all the Girls and Boys had 'em a GREAT Saturday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

MIA (Missing in Action)

Well, the red sea must have parted again,
Chris wrote a blog post!

Yeah, Yeah I admit,
I did ask him to write one while I was as work and he actually did!

I am so proud!

He did a pretty good job too!

I told him that from now on he needs to write one a week!

Well..... we will see how that one goes:)

So I have been MIA the past two weeks as far as blogging goes. It kinda makes me feel important because I have had several people ask me,
 "When ya gonna write another little bloggie?"

So I actually have some peeps reading this thing, makes it all worth the while:)

Anyways let me just give you the highlights!

I am an official teacher,
although I am not going to write that much about it,
I might write about my little kiddos next bloggie.

Let me tell ya about what we did last Saturday.

Some Seminary friends of ours, Brian and Tonya,
are always feeding us.

In fact, they have feed us at least once a week since we moved to NOLA!!

So it is PAST time that we return the favor and start feeding them some.

Uhhhhhh........ ooooohhhh.....

See, now Tonya is a REALLY GOOD COOK,
and me well,

I ain't so great:)

SO I invited Tonya and Brian to come over for us to feed them,

but the catch was,

Tonya ended up cookin!!

See I bought the stuff to make chicken fried steak, mac'n'cheese, green beans, and "red lobster' style biscuits,

and Tonya came over and cooked it!!

WOW!!! She has taught me already such good cooking tips!! I can now pretty much make her 'red lobster' biscuits!! She also taught me how to make gravy out of pan drippings
but I haven't actually tried that one on my own.


a girls best friend..

or I should say..

a fat girls best friend:)

Tonya makes mac'n'cheese like Chris' mom, Christi, makes it so it is so good!!

On that note,
after talkin about making a pretty fattening meal,

Tonya and I have been walking just about every night!
This past week we did miss a few days with me having open house and the start of school and all,
but we are doing pretty good!

We walk around campus and it gives us some girl time to just talk about..

ya know

girl stuff!!!

Speaking of girl stuff,
I have made a new friend!

She is a fellow teacher where I work and her name is

I just love her to pieces and me and her just clicked right away.

Her story is.....

she is teaching while her husband is in Medical School,
this is her 1st year teaching,
she is not from around here,
she loves the Lord and lets others know it,
she is quiet and keeps to herself,
her husband and her are barely skimpin by...

sound like any body you know???

uhhhh... Chris and I maybe!!

Our stories are so close!
I can't wait until we can work out schedules out so we can get together and let our menfolk meet!


Chris and I celebrated my starting school.

He took me out some place R-E-A-L fancy!

Every girl dreams of the day when their man will take them out!

My man took me to Chickfila and I loved it!

Chris and I are Seminary folk.
He is a preacher,
I am a teacher.

Now if that don't spell it out for ya this will,

we don't make a whole lotta money,
and Chickfila is kinda expensive on our standards.

It was such a nice treat!! Ahhh.. we love us some nuggets!!

Hope everyone back home in GA had a great 1st day of School!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On Break

     Well it's Chris, Megan is workin to bring home the bacon while I am on break!  She has been really excited to get started in her class room.  The last teacher wasn't very organized.  She came home yesterday and said that she has the principle's kid in her class along with some other of the faculties' kids.  That tells me just how much they thought of my wife when they hired her.  I think she is a little nervous though. 

     It's my third day on break and I am getting a little bored.  But I am not complaining because when the fall semester starts, I will be any thing but bored.  Right now I am a anxiously waiting to see my grades from the semester I just finished.  Brian and I did go fishing last Monday.  Brian did more of the catching than I did.  We kept two flounder but caught 2 bass, a red fish, and a lady fish.  Brian had one fish on that pulled the boat against the trolling motor.  It even frayed his line.  Never did see it though.  We both enjoyed getting out on the water.  I will have a license the next time we go, maybe I will catch more then.  Well, that's my break so far.  I will probably make another post before my break is up.