Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yucky Smoke and Blessings

So Monday morning I woke up to this!!!

No that is not fog!!

Trust me!! I breathed in enough for all of yall!!

On the way to work on Monday it was so bad that I had a full blown out

My throat closed up,
I was wheezing,
trying to cough,
hard to talk,
and I COULD NOT get enough AIR!!

Try breathing through a dry scratchy straw.
It was awful!!
When I finally made it to work my face was bright red and I ran into my classroom and puked in the trashcan.

No, my response is I AM NOT PREGNANT
I just was breathing acid putrid air!!!

Apparently there is a big marsh fire.
The news reports say that we need a large amount of rainfall to put it out.
Tooo bad we only get sporadic showers throughout the day,
cause WE NEED THIS THING out!!

Ok Ok moving on,
I am a college student.
Wait...... wait....

back up...

I'm W-H-A-T???

Yep, that's right I am taking classes!!

At Seminary they offer a Minster Wives Certificate and I started my classes!!

They gave me this cute bag.
Chris says that it is so bright orange that it glows in the dark,
but hey, it serves a double purpose,
cause it can also be used hunting!!

My first class is the introduction class to the Certificate.

I am reading a book named,
'Don't Miss the Blessing'

so far I have loved reading it!
It is such a great book, and is actually written by one of the old president wives of the New Orleans Seminary.

Here is just a neat little tid-bits

When Chris graduates college with his degree of a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Studies,

I will be graduating too!!

We will both wear caps n' gowns and walk down the isle to receive our papers!!

how cool is that!!

I am enjoying it!

It makes sense, cause to me honest,
even though he is the main one in our little family attending the college and doing the academic studies,

I am on the front lines, working to keep everything in order so that he can go to those classes!!

When we graduate, that will be one VERY happy day:)

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