Meet Our Family

A BIG thanks goes out to our families! We are proud of our roots and all that everyone of them has done for us. When we sit down and try to write out the names of every single family memeber, the list is truly a mile long (expecially for Chris haha).  Lucky for us, we were able to just copy most of their names from the police Most Wanted List, but we won't go much in detail there:)

Gary and Christi
These are Chris's mom and dad. I love them very much! They have raised some fine boys:)

Alex and Ashley
Alex is Christopher's little brother and Ashley is our (one day) future sister in law. Now don't they just make one fine looking couple!

Paul and Louraine (Papa and Nana)
Papa is an original cowboy and likes to introduce himself as John Wayne. Nana is the best cook in the entire world. All she has to do is stick her finger in it and its good!

She is Christopher's Great- Grandma. Everyone just calls her MawMaw and she is seriously the coolest lady I have ever met. She just celebrated her 96 Birthday. One day when I finally do grow up, I want to be just like her.

Jerry and Barbra (Papa and Nane)
I couldn't get a picture of them together because they were both too busy talkin. We just love Nane and Papa so much. Nane makes the best biscuits in the whole word, and Papa always is telling a joke.

Craig and Lynn
These are Megan's parents. They are truly one hardworkin' and God fearin' couple.

Matt and Arica
Matt is Megan's big brother and Arica is our sister in law. They are a gorgeous couple and one day are going to make the prettiest little babies together.

Buddy and Jeannine (Grandma and Grandpa)
These are Megan's Grandparents. If you look close in the picture Christopher's eyes are closed (haha).