Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pretty Day:)

The view from our windshield driving on campus.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


So... this week our printer stopped working:(

It broke.... no fun!!

Why is it that technology always fails at the moment when you need it??

SO we had to go out and get a new printer.

So when you need some junk, where else do you go?

We went to Walmart!
 Home of everything anyone could possibly ever need!

We got a nice new printer. It was on sale. 50 bucks.
Has cheep ink cartridges, which is important, and as a bonus is a wifi printer. We don't have to hook our laptops up to it to print.

So anyooo... I just strayed from what I was wanting to talk about.

We went to Walmart. In Kenner, Louisiana.

It was PACKED!! How dare we expect to just walk in and walk out of a walmart on a Friday night!

The worst part was the buggy mayhem!

The people in New Orleans are terrible about putting up their buggies! They NEVER take them to the buggy returns. Just to park Chris and I had to move 6 buggies.
YES 6!!!! And that was not all of them!!

We moved just enough to get our car in our spot. There was buggies everywhere!

And the most annoying part of it all...

there was a buggy return, that was EMPTY only THREE spots down!!

People are so LAZY that they won't walk their buggy down 3 spots!! ARghh...

So we parked and went into the store. Got our brand spankin new AWESOME printer
and low and behold on our way out,

the buggies returned with vengeance!!

There was more buggies surrounding our car!!

Several down each side, several behind our car!!
Not only our car but ALL of the cars had buggies everywhere!!

So again, Chris and I are such sweet, caring, people (haha)

that we put up MORE buggies!!

(Actually, we just moved enough for us to get our car out without hitting any of them)

Needless to say, PEOPLE OF NEW ORLEANS!! Please put up your buggies.
I know you don't want your car scratched by them, and I don't want our car scratched by them,

so let's just all put up our dang buggies!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras!!

 Chris and I went today to a Mardi Gras Parade with our sweet seminary friends Josh, Laurie, and Rome!
Veterans Bld. was completely shut down and the floats were all lined up! They had a ton of police officers working and it made me feel VERY safe!

We went to the Argus Parade in Metairie!
I had read online that this parade attracts 1 million people and then we later heard the local news station confirm that they estimated that 1 million people came out to the parade!

It is crazy for me to think that there was that many people lined up down the Veterans to see this parade,
and that we were there too!!

People came prepared!!

They had tarps to put down underneath blankets so that they don't get wet from the dew on the grass
and they made these awesome ladders for kids!
 It was SUCH a cool idea! 

These ladders had seats made at the top with seat belts and safety features.

Kids would sit at the top and catch beads so that they could see the Parade over all the other peoples heads.

Absolutely CRAZY how many people there were!

 Some of the ladders

They also had wheels on them so that they could easily be wheeled in! 
The Calvary! 

That horse pooped all over the place!

A little horse! 

Rome took a little nap! Poor guy was worn out from the commotion!

He was also the first one to catch any beads! He was sitting on Laurie's shoulders and a perfectly thrown strand of beads landed around his neck! It scared him to death and I was worried that it had chocked him, but he was fine after a couple of minutes!
Talk about a ringer!

King Argus!

We also have some videos of the beads being thrown that I can't wait to post later!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


So we are really trying to cut down out costs.

I am a couponing maniac
(actually I just coupon when I have the time too, which is not too often)

AND a huge stickler for turning off lights when no one is in the room!
(Chris is nortiously known for being so bad about leaving a light on when he has left the room.)

So I have been tossing back and forth the whole idea of making some of my own cleaning products.
 There is just something about buying the REAL thing that makes me feel like it works better!

Then I started thinking about it. Isn't most of the stuff just water anyway??

So, ALL over pintrest recently has been stuff about homemade soaps. I remember that my Aunt Steph and Uncle Wayne made their own laundry detergent and I think they loved it, so I thought I could try this.

I made my own Fa Rizzle Fabric Softener!!

It turned out SOO great and much better than I expected!

Right now my little firsties say fa rizzle all the time and I have picked it up in my vocabulary. It has kind of turned into a running joke between me and the kiddoes because they get such a kick out of hearing a grown up say it:)

Here is what I used and I took this picture and the recipe from

It was super easy and so far all my laundry has came out fresh as a daisy!!

You Are God Alone

My favorite song right now:)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I really don't like it when it rains.

Yes, I am one of those girls that says,
"urgg... it's raining, my hair just aint gonna look right today"

A wavy hair texture and high humidity just do NOT mix.
Trust me.
When it rains down here,
I am sportin an afro!

Living in a city that is below sea level,
you really learn to not like it when it rains.

(I took this picture of the road that runs right in front of my school. You can see the black fence and grass, but that grass is up on a curb. The water had risen above the curb of the road!!)

I never knew before we moved down here that a car could have a wake.

Not a wake, like wake up, I mean a wake like a boat has a wake.

When you are driving in 2 inches of water, behind your car,
 going out in the direction of a V is a wake of water.

I actually have just about hydroplaned all the way to work before.

It was super scary!
I was going 30 and then there are other cars ZOOMING past me going 60 and their big car wake make it even worse for me!

I have seriously driven through spots with 5 to 6 inches of water!
It is impossible to stear and I usually just sing
Jesus take the wheel!
(But now, I aint no Carie Underwood so the sweet Lord is probably more thinkin,
man with she please just SHUT UP! haha)

Please no Rain tomorrow! I just want to make it to work with no afro and normal hair, pant legs that aren't wet halfway up my calf, and some since of my nerves still in control!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birthday Posting

So this blog post is WAAY late.

I have been so frustrated this past week with my blogger website.

It has been incredibly slow.
At first I thought it was my computer,

when I got on Chris's it was still SUPER DOPER slow.

So anyhoo.. I am just now getting to post and I am so behind and have a lot of catchin up to do.

My birthday was last month and I turned the big

Yepp... it was pretty exciting!! not:)

I wanted to do something off of my NOLA bucket list and I let Chris pick it out.

He picked probably the cheapest and easiest one to do.

We drove across the Causeway Bridge!

The Causeway Bridge is a LONG, SUPER LONG, 23 mile bridge!

It amazed me how unsturdy it seamed it was!

It was really narrow with no emergency room on the side for you to pull over if you had any car problems.

Also on one side of the bridge there was no guard rail, so if there was a wreck you would just go right over the side!

It also seamed like while we were on it
you could feel the bridge moving! Scary!

We crossed the bridge and ate at a really cute little county restaurant.

I, of course had my staple down here,
a shrimp po'boy
and it was delicious.

Then we drove back and had to pay 3 bucks at the grand ol' 
toll booth.

It is 3 bucks to come back to New Orleans on this bridge!

Crazy expensive and that would add up so fast if you had to drive across this thing everyday!

I enjoyed my birthday. It was low key. We had tacos with some friends and enjoyed time of talking and acting silly.
I enjoyed talking to my sweet hubby on the 46 miles of being on the bridge. It gave us time to catch up:)

Overall a great start to my 23rd year:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl

So while the rest of the county was watching the Super Bowl,
we were
watching the Super Bowl:)

Chris and I just chilled and did our own thing last night.

Here was MY agenda from last night:
At the start of the first quarter I painted my toe nails
and then added a little flower design myself:)

Then scrubbed the bathroom floor and shower.

By the second quarter I was on to grading papers and school stuff. My work is never finished:)

I did find some cute Valentine Crafts for my firsties on pintrest though:)

During half time I watched Madonna. I just had to watch. I thought she did pretty good, considering I admit I don't know any of her songs.

While I was watching Madonna Chris made us dinner. He made some George Foreman steaks, sauteed mushrooms and onion, and some peas.

Yess... Chris has grown to love peas:)

By third quarter I was tired of the whole game. I just don't get into football and I missed most of the commercials.

After the game was over I looked back at all I got done.
-bathroom super sanitized
-all school work done
-pintrest overload
- and one load of laundry

I'd say it was a pretty good Super Bowl.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Friday night Chris and I went over to visit with our sweet friends Brian and Tonya.

They cooked quail.

It look delicious, it smelled delicious, and Chris said it was delicious.

But... me no try it.

I just could not do it.

Not even one, teeny, tiny bite.

Nope... nada

It is all mental. In my head I was thinking about it way too much.

Plus it didn't help thinking about how when the others were eating it around me they had to watch out for finding bullets, feathers, and bones.

I guess I will just stick with my chicken.

I know.. I know...

just dont make me think about the chicken being birds, having bones, OR feathers too.