Saturday, February 25, 2012


So... this week our printer stopped working:(

It broke.... no fun!!

Why is it that technology always fails at the moment when you need it??

SO we had to go out and get a new printer.

So when you need some junk, where else do you go?

We went to Walmart!
 Home of everything anyone could possibly ever need!

We got a nice new printer. It was on sale. 50 bucks.
Has cheep ink cartridges, which is important, and as a bonus is a wifi printer. We don't have to hook our laptops up to it to print.

So anyooo... I just strayed from what I was wanting to talk about.

We went to Walmart. In Kenner, Louisiana.

It was PACKED!! How dare we expect to just walk in and walk out of a walmart on a Friday night!

The worst part was the buggy mayhem!

The people in New Orleans are terrible about putting up their buggies! They NEVER take them to the buggy returns. Just to park Chris and I had to move 6 buggies.
YES 6!!!! And that was not all of them!!

We moved just enough to get our car in our spot. There was buggies everywhere!

And the most annoying part of it all...

there was a buggy return, that was EMPTY only THREE spots down!!

People are so LAZY that they won't walk their buggy down 3 spots!! ARghh...

So we parked and went into the store. Got our brand spankin new AWESOME printer
and low and behold on our way out,

the buggies returned with vengeance!!

There was more buggies surrounding our car!!

Several down each side, several behind our car!!
Not only our car but ALL of the cars had buggies everywhere!!

So again, Chris and I are such sweet, caring, people (haha)

that we put up MORE buggies!!

(Actually, we just moved enough for us to get our car out without hitting any of them)

Needless to say, PEOPLE OF NEW ORLEANS!! Please put up your buggies.
I know you don't want your car scratched by them, and I don't want our car scratched by them,

so let's just all put up our dang buggies!!

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