Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Huntin' in Missip

Welp, like I already wrote, Chris went quail huntin' yesterday.

He came home stinky, smelly, sweaty,
and super excited.

He told me all about shootin' em' birds.
How that dog would show you where they was a' hidin'
and then


and it would fall plum down to tha ground!

He had a blast!!

THANK GOODNESS that he didn't bring any quail home to our house!

I admit, I didn't want any of those things!

They look gross, I don't know how to cook them, and as picky as I am about meat, I probably wont eat them either!

Friday night, Tonya and Brian (Brain is the old dude in the middle of the picture, haha)

have invited us over and they are going to cook us quail.

I am going to be nice and try a little bite.

Now, don't they just look tuff!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


quails are going to be kickin the dust,
cause my man,
is going...

..wait for it...

quail huntin'!!

Let's just say he is just a little excited:)

Chris has never been quail huntin before
so this is a new experience.

He is SUPER excited!

So excited that he called his daddy and brother late last night just to tell them.

I think when both their phones went off that late at night they were expecting some kind of bigger news.
But Chris just had to tell them his BIG news!

So now...

I have to cook the quail.

I have never eaten quail before,
never seen a dead quail,
never, never, never.

How am I supposed to cook this thing??

Am I going to like it??


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Came in from work and saw this:

It says,

Mr. Chris and Mrs. Megan,
Thank You for my hot water in my bath
and for our coupons!!
Love, Rome

It is a card from our sweet friends:
Lourie, Josh, and Rome

I guess they were having some trouble with their water heater and Chris went over to help fix it.
 He says that he didn't really do anything to help,
but Ohh I just love this card!

I must say,
for a 2 year old,
Rome has exquisite spelling and penmanship!

I think he had a little help from mommy!

I love how he says,
"Misteer  Krissss
Miss Meegan!

I just love them to pieces!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

No Words

Absolutly powerful!
Thank you lord for speaking through
 one of your sweet creations!

The dad talks for a while, but if you skip ahead to the 3:10 mark you will be amazed.

Many will look upon this sweet boy and see only his imperfections.

I look upon him as his beautiful creation.
Pray for God to open they eyes of all our hearts!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012



When I last checked

10, 049 was the number of page views

my blog has gotten!!

WOW that is just amazing to me!

I have also written 102 blog posts!!

That's an average of about 100 views per post!!

Well.... Chris says that I shouldn't get TOO excited,

cause 9,999 of all those page views are most likely from my mama and daddy!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sad Day

Welp... since the beginning of the school
year I knew this day was coming.

Our class hamster, known to 21 sweet 6 year olds as,

little baby Beller,

has gone on to hamster heaven.

Came in to school today and she had gunk all over the side of her body from some sort of infection she had in her ear.
I think that she got a busted ear drum and then it got infected.

She was old, and feeble:)

I notified my administrator and she put Bella into her office.
It didn't take long and she was gone.

I just gotta say, that I personally
am not sad that the hamster is gone.

She was definitely an AMAZING addition to my class and helped out in some really cool learning games and centers.

But I am sad, because I know that tomorrow,
 I have to explain to 21 six year olds why their beloved hamster is not in her cage in the classroom anymore:(

I am thinking that I am just going to make up
some story about her having to go visit with
another first grade class.

Maybe,She had to go out of town to go on vacation.
Heck, the kiddoes will get a crack out of drawing a picture of her on the beach in a little bikini!

Maybe I am wrong, but who wants to break
the heart of a 6 year old??

Anyhoo.... the school has already decided that they want to provide 1st grade with another NEW hamster.

Humm.... my response is.... do we have too???

Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't Look

Alright Mama and Daddy Don't Look!!

I know how squeamish their stomachs are, especially my daddy's!!

Yesterday, while I was cutting up some
 lettuce for Chris and mines tacos,
I cut a chunk in my middle finger.

I guess that new knife is sharper than it looks!

It was the kind of cut where
when it happened it took about 20 seconds for it to start bleeding.

I was able to have the thought in my head,
"did that just happen!"

and then the blood started and
"yepp... that just happened!!"

Some of my pictures are blurry, but I cut myself right next to my finger nail and all the way down.

I almost cut right through it, but the flap of skin is just barley hanging on!

It bleed and bleed!! I almost passed out,

Chris was so sweet, he held my finger and put pressure on it, while I was hyperventilating!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I had such a great day today!
Since it is my Birthday weekend,
my birthday was Friday but
I am going to post more about it later,
Chris pretty much let me to my own thang.

Today, after visiting a sweet friends church,
we came home to relax.

I took a nice long nap and then starting working with my Cameo!

I love these little stickers I put on my mason jars!
There is are also some candles in the jars!
They look so pretty lit.

Yepp... that is my trash can!!
Thank you pintrest for the inspiration!

Chris told me I was crazy when
I started monogramming the trash can:)

Absolutely love this!

Put it above our door.
Actually Chris put it up for me because I couldn't reach.
It is a little crooked, so I might have to reprint a new one and take this one down.

I also put one tiny saying in Christopher's office.

Chris says that I am not allowed to
put vinyl letters anywhere else in his office:)

I think I should make a BIG B to put on the wall in there, just to see what he says!! hehe

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Day

This morning I made Chris a Honey Do List:)

If you cant see my handwriting it says
-1 load of laundry
-wash dishes in sink
-hang Faith picture
-Please make dinner tonight, Hamburger Steaks!

I had already asked Chris to do these things for me the night before, but I made him a little list anyway:)

I admit, I am not really a fan of the whole Honey Do List!
Chris helps out so much and I really think he does more than most men do around the house!

But, since he is off of school for another whole week,
and has no car to go anywhere,
he is just sitting in the apartment all day with nothing to do.

I figured it wouldn't be so bad to leave a list of helpful stuff to keep him busy!

It was so nice walking in and seeing everything done off the list!

He even said that he kind of liked having the list because it gave him some things to do today!

Yepp.... Laddies and Gentlemen.
This is a REAL king cake!
King Cake season has officially begun!
and today was my classroom's first!

It was huge!
My class ate only about half,
so tomorrow we are going to have it again for a snack!

It is kind of like a big cinnamon roll with really delicious and sweet icing on top!

I have been trying to do really good on watching was I eat.
 So I cut myself just two little bitty bites to eat.

Of COURSE I would be the one to get the little baby.

Tradition is that the baby represents Jesus.
The person who gets the baby has to bring in the next king cake.

Guess, next Wednesday I will be running to get another one for my class! AHH!

Tradition also says that the first girl to get the baby in their piece will be the next to have a baby themselves.

Well, considering that the rest of the girls in my class are six,
I think that this would be a true statement!

I think that the little plastic yellow Jesus doll looks a little
sad to me.

Come on, he's naked for Cryin' out loud!

I look so tired and sleepy! I took this picture at school! Guess I need to be in bed by 9:00 tonight to get the bags out from under my eyes!

Monday, January 9, 2012


In Case you haven't heard,

I have a new SISTER!!

My big brother got married on Saturday!

Arica Waldron!!! hehe is seams so funny to call her that now!

She was the absolutely most beautiful bride I have EVER seen.

It was amazing how happy she was on Saturday! I was a bridesmaid and got to spend pretty much the whole day with her and she was all smiles all day!

She laughed and giggled! It made the day so much fun:)

Her mother and her truly have a knack for wedding planning! I loved all the personal touches they did!

Her mother hand made her veil for her, the little scraps of lace on her bouquet from her grandmothers wedding dress, sewing machine satin isle runners, big baby's breath flower balls on hat boxes, and the OHH so cute candy bar! All the details were terrific! 

I was so blessed and honored that she thought to ask me to be one of her maids!

I just loved that she thought to ask me, I hope she knows just how much it truly meant to be to get to share her special day with her.

Praying for many blessings on Matt and Aricas wedding!

So super excited that I have an official sister!

Just like my daddy said in his speech at the Rehearsal Dinner,
"in our family we don't have in laws, we only have kids. We have adapted Arica as one of our own."

So now that your a Waldron, your stuck with us!

Ready to see what the future has in store for you two!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

We're Back!

Ahhh..... an instant sign of relief came out of Chris and mine mouths when we stepped through our apartment door!

and then I shouted, "We're home!" and an spontaneous bout of energy came out of me and I was jumping and singing about the place while unpacking.

Now, who woulda thunk I would be that
excited to be back in NOLA!!

I bet our neighbors were not so excited.
I'm sure they were sitting, eating lunch or watching t.v., and then heard my commotion coming through the walls. I imagine they probably thought, "Arghhh.... They're back!"

While we were gone I am sure they were able to enjoy peace and quite without having to hear Chris's feet flopping about with every step in his old man slippers, and me singing off tune in the kitchen while trying not to burn our supper.

We had such a good time in GA
but 2 and a half weeks are just tooooo long!

Chis and I have so much stuff to do here that being gone makes up both get behind.

We unpacked and made phone calls and text messages letting everyone know we made the long drive safe.
 Then I got busy putting away all of our Christmas Presents.

It was like Santa came again!

I was able to open up our stuff and finally take it out of the packaging.

We LOVE our new knives! They are awesome!
I also got super excited about my baby crock-pot! Finally getting to see it out of the box!

Thanks again family and friends for putting up with us for the past two weeks. Chris and I really enjoyed our time in GA and had such a blast catching up with everyone!

I went to the grocery store and guess what!!! They had crab meet on SALE!!

I was able to get an 8oz package of fresh crab meet for $1.99!

Booohhhh YYEAAH!

So tonight I made a surprise dinner for my sweet hubby!

Low fat crab cakes! We already had everything that I needed in the kitchen to make them, and when I saw that crab meet was on sale I just went for it!

They were very meaty! I followed a recipe but also threw in a little extra things from my spice rack to make it even better!

My plate! We have some "Hurricane Sauce" which is sold down here. I don't really know how to describe Louisiana Hurricane Sauce. It is kind of like tarter sauce, but way different.

My hurricane sauce went all over my plate because I forgot that it didnt have a cap on it.

Oh well, my crab cakes were delish and the hubs thought so too!

So READY To see my sweet firsties tomorrow!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let the Wedding Festivities Begin!!

is the Rehearsal for my sweet Big Brother!

We are all VERY excited!

My mother swears that she had times when she thought this day would never come:)

Today my mother and I have been running around,
trying on our dresses,
and doing little last minute things!

Tomorrow is the Rehearsal and then the Rehearsal Dinner.

We are all SOOOO very excited!

Matt and Arica are going to have the sweetest little private wedding!

This morning I made Chris and my mom come outside to take a few pictures!

I have really been slacking lately on taking pictures and have made a little
New Years Resolution,
that I am going to try and do better this year!

We took these in my parents backyard and used the neighbors fences as back grounds.

Not bad for just my mom taking the pictures with a little old digital camera.

Chris was REALLY having a blast:)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ready to Get Back

Chris and I have spent 2 LONG weeks here in Ga.
Today I was really longing to get back to NOLA.

I have had fun being home, getting to visit with friends and family,
but I have SOOOO much to do in NOLA that I my mind
 keeps wondering to our little apartment
and my sweet Cajun kiddies.

Tomorrow is the first day back after Christmas Break for my firsties:)

Tonight I a missin' them something terrible!

I love my kids and I want to see their excited faces to see each other and tell each other all about their fun over the days off!

I want to get back into the swing of teaching,
I was born for this job!

I do NOT want to get behind,
like I know that I already am with school work:(

 I like to always have my lesson plans ready to go for 2 weeks in advance, and right now I am only 1 week.

Tonight I am praying for my school and my sweet kids. I am REALLY praying for their sub!
It is the first time they have had a sub because I have not missed a day yet!

I hope they all get some rest tonight and are well behaved tomorrow and Friday!

I will see them on Monday, with a BIG smile on my face, and my new fun cameo cut-outs waiting to be put to good use!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

So Long 2011

WOW!! 2011 has been a GREAT YEAR!!
Hard for me to believe that 7 months ago I graduated college!
That was a very, VERY, happy day for Chris and I!

Me being in collage was the only thing that was holding us back from New Orleans.

2 Weeks after I graduated we made the big move!

I loved North Georgia College! I could not have imagined going to school anywhere else!!

I received an AWESOME dual degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education!

This degree sure has come in handy in NOLA!!

Helping me to receive my first teaching job as a 1st grade Teacher!

I sure do love my CAJUN kiddoes!!
Our first 7 months in New Orleans has been such a Great adventure!
We have enjoyed exploring the city, when we have time!

The culture here is unbelievable!

Good food, music, and I love all of our Sweet Seminary Friends!

It can get HOOOOOTTTT!!

The heat down here is a different kind of hot!

High Humidity and high temperatures can make being out in the summer a little miserable:)

New Orleans is also NOT known for its amazing drivers.

Hence, the picture of the lady backing up into my car at a drive thru!

haha I can laugh about it now, but at the time it wasn't all tooo funny:)

I like New Orleans:)

2011 has brought a lot of Change for Chris and I.
I think the whole transition of moving down here has been made a lot easier with getting to come back and forth between Georgia a lot.

After Christmas break,
Chris and I will not be back in GA for quite a while.
I wont be back until my sweet friend Amanda's wedding in June,

and Chris has no idea when he will be back.

While all of our family and friends are home in GA,
we will be living it up in the bayou for 2012!