Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Day

This morning I made Chris a Honey Do List:)

If you cant see my handwriting it says
-1 load of laundry
-wash dishes in sink
-hang Faith picture
-Please make dinner tonight, Hamburger Steaks!

I had already asked Chris to do these things for me the night before, but I made him a little list anyway:)

I admit, I am not really a fan of the whole Honey Do List!
Chris helps out so much and I really think he does more than most men do around the house!

But, since he is off of school for another whole week,
and has no car to go anywhere,
he is just sitting in the apartment all day with nothing to do.

I figured it wouldn't be so bad to leave a list of helpful stuff to keep him busy!

It was so nice walking in and seeing everything done off the list!

He even said that he kind of liked having the list because it gave him some things to do today!

Yepp.... Laddies and Gentlemen.
This is a REAL king cake!
King Cake season has officially begun!
and today was my classroom's first!

It was huge!
My class ate only about half,
so tomorrow we are going to have it again for a snack!

It is kind of like a big cinnamon roll with really delicious and sweet icing on top!

I have been trying to do really good on watching was I eat.
 So I cut myself just two little bitty bites to eat.

Of COURSE I would be the one to get the little baby.

Tradition is that the baby represents Jesus.
The person who gets the baby has to bring in the next king cake.

Guess, next Wednesday I will be running to get another one for my class! AHH!

Tradition also says that the first girl to get the baby in their piece will be the next to have a baby themselves.

Well, considering that the rest of the girls in my class are six,
I think that this would be a true statement!

I think that the little plastic yellow Jesus doll looks a little
sad to me.

Come on, he's naked for Cryin' out loud!

I look so tired and sleepy! I took this picture at school! Guess I need to be in bed by 9:00 tonight to get the bags out from under my eyes!

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