Monday, January 9, 2012


In Case you haven't heard,

I have a new SISTER!!

My big brother got married on Saturday!

Arica Waldron!!! hehe is seams so funny to call her that now!

She was the absolutely most beautiful bride I have EVER seen.

It was amazing how happy she was on Saturday! I was a bridesmaid and got to spend pretty much the whole day with her and she was all smiles all day!

She laughed and giggled! It made the day so much fun:)

Her mother and her truly have a knack for wedding planning! I loved all the personal touches they did!

Her mother hand made her veil for her, the little scraps of lace on her bouquet from her grandmothers wedding dress, sewing machine satin isle runners, big baby's breath flower balls on hat boxes, and the OHH so cute candy bar! All the details were terrific! 

I was so blessed and honored that she thought to ask me to be one of her maids!

I just loved that she thought to ask me, I hope she knows just how much it truly meant to be to get to share her special day with her.

Praying for many blessings on Matt and Aricas wedding!

So super excited that I have an official sister!

Just like my daddy said in his speech at the Rehearsal Dinner,
"in our family we don't have in laws, we only have kids. We have adapted Arica as one of our own."

So now that your a Waldron, your stuck with us!

Ready to see what the future has in store for you two!

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