Meet Us

Megan Lynn

Let me introduce myself by giving a proper southern greeting, Hey ya'll!
I was born and raised in Georgia and have been a member of Friendship Baptist Church for most of my life. I LOVE my family and husband and am truly blessed to be surrounded with such an amazing, and not half bad looking, group of people!

All my life I have been drawn to kids. I love kids and know that God has placed a powerful burden on me to work with them. I am a certified Elementary teacher and Special Education teacher and love to be surrounded by children. Sometimes I would honestly rather run around and hang with a bunch of kids than adults!

On June 12, 2010 I married by best friend. He is truly my everything. We started dating when I was just fifteen and have been together ever since! I am so blessed to have a husband that puts our lord and savior first! He has committed his life to lord, and I as well have committed my life to being right there with him!

Christopher Richard

I am married to to most wonderful, beautiful, woman in the world! I am truly honored to be her husband, and sometimes seriously wonder why she picked a geek like me to be married to!  Our life is so busy and complicated right now. God has us on a journey that we have no idea at the present where we are being lead. I plan on just trusting in him, following him to the best of my ability, and living a life that will bring him honor.