Sunday, January 1, 2012

So Long 2011

WOW!! 2011 has been a GREAT YEAR!!
Hard for me to believe that 7 months ago I graduated college!
That was a very, VERY, happy day for Chris and I!

Me being in collage was the only thing that was holding us back from New Orleans.

2 Weeks after I graduated we made the big move!

I loved North Georgia College! I could not have imagined going to school anywhere else!!

I received an AWESOME dual degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education!

This degree sure has come in handy in NOLA!!

Helping me to receive my first teaching job as a 1st grade Teacher!

I sure do love my CAJUN kiddoes!!
Our first 7 months in New Orleans has been such a Great adventure!
We have enjoyed exploring the city, when we have time!

The culture here is unbelievable!

Good food, music, and I love all of our Sweet Seminary Friends!

It can get HOOOOOTTTT!!

The heat down here is a different kind of hot!

High Humidity and high temperatures can make being out in the summer a little miserable:)

New Orleans is also NOT known for its amazing drivers.

Hence, the picture of the lady backing up into my car at a drive thru!

haha I can laugh about it now, but at the time it wasn't all tooo funny:)

I like New Orleans:)

2011 has brought a lot of Change for Chris and I.
I think the whole transition of moving down here has been made a lot easier with getting to come back and forth between Georgia a lot.

After Christmas break,
Chris and I will not be back in GA for quite a while.
I wont be back until my sweet friend Amanda's wedding in June,

and Chris has no idea when he will be back.

While all of our family and friends are home in GA,
we will be living it up in the bayou for 2012!

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