Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ready to Get Back

Chris and I have spent 2 LONG weeks here in Ga.
Today I was really longing to get back to NOLA.

I have had fun being home, getting to visit with friends and family,
but I have SOOOO much to do in NOLA that I my mind
 keeps wondering to our little apartment
and my sweet Cajun kiddies.

Tomorrow is the first day back after Christmas Break for my firsties:)

Tonight I a missin' them something terrible!

I love my kids and I want to see their excited faces to see each other and tell each other all about their fun over the days off!

I want to get back into the swing of teaching,
I was born for this job!

I do NOT want to get behind,
like I know that I already am with school work:(

 I like to always have my lesson plans ready to go for 2 weeks in advance, and right now I am only 1 week.

Tonight I am praying for my school and my sweet kids. I am REALLY praying for their sub!
It is the first time they have had a sub because I have not missed a day yet!

I hope they all get some rest tonight and are well behaved tomorrow and Friday!

I will see them on Monday, with a BIG smile on my face, and my new fun cameo cut-outs waiting to be put to good use!

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