Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Huntin' in Missip

Welp, like I already wrote, Chris went quail huntin' yesterday.

He came home stinky, smelly, sweaty,
and super excited.

He told me all about shootin' em' birds.
How that dog would show you where they was a' hidin'
and then


and it would fall plum down to tha ground!

He had a blast!!

THANK GOODNESS that he didn't bring any quail home to our house!

I admit, I didn't want any of those things!

They look gross, I don't know how to cook them, and as picky as I am about meat, I probably wont eat them either!

Friday night, Tonya and Brian (Brain is the old dude in the middle of the picture, haha)

have invited us over and they are going to cook us quail.

I am going to be nice and try a little bite.

Now, don't they just look tuff!

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