Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sad Day

Welp... since the beginning of the school
year I knew this day was coming.

Our class hamster, known to 21 sweet 6 year olds as,

little baby Beller,

has gone on to hamster heaven.

Came in to school today and she had gunk all over the side of her body from some sort of infection she had in her ear.
I think that she got a busted ear drum and then it got infected.

She was old, and feeble:)

I notified my administrator and she put Bella into her office.
It didn't take long and she was gone.

I just gotta say, that I personally
am not sad that the hamster is gone.

She was definitely an AMAZING addition to my class and helped out in some really cool learning games and centers.

But I am sad, because I know that tomorrow,
 I have to explain to 21 six year olds why their beloved hamster is not in her cage in the classroom anymore:(

I am thinking that I am just going to make up
some story about her having to go visit with
another first grade class.

Maybe,She had to go out of town to go on vacation.
Heck, the kiddoes will get a crack out of drawing a picture of her on the beach in a little bikini!

Maybe I am wrong, but who wants to break
the heart of a 6 year old??

Anyhoo.... the school has already decided that they want to provide 1st grade with another NEW hamster.

Humm.... my response is.... do we have too???

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