Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birthday Posting

So this blog post is WAAY late.

I have been so frustrated this past week with my blogger website.

It has been incredibly slow.
At first I thought it was my computer,

when I got on Chris's it was still SUPER DOPER slow.

So anyhoo.. I am just now getting to post and I am so behind and have a lot of catchin up to do.

My birthday was last month and I turned the big

Yepp... it was pretty exciting!! not:)

I wanted to do something off of my NOLA bucket list and I let Chris pick it out.

He picked probably the cheapest and easiest one to do.

We drove across the Causeway Bridge!

The Causeway Bridge is a LONG, SUPER LONG, 23 mile bridge!

It amazed me how unsturdy it seamed it was!

It was really narrow with no emergency room on the side for you to pull over if you had any car problems.

Also on one side of the bridge there was no guard rail, so if there was a wreck you would just go right over the side!

It also seamed like while we were on it
you could feel the bridge moving! Scary!

We crossed the bridge and ate at a really cute little county restaurant.

I, of course had my staple down here,
a shrimp po'boy
and it was delicious.

Then we drove back and had to pay 3 bucks at the grand ol' 
toll booth.

It is 3 bucks to come back to New Orleans on this bridge!

Crazy expensive and that would add up so fast if you had to drive across this thing everyday!

I enjoyed my birthday. It was low key. We had tacos with some friends and enjoyed time of talking and acting silly.
I enjoyed talking to my sweet hubby on the 46 miles of being on the bridge. It gave us time to catch up:)

Overall a great start to my 23rd year:)

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