Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl

So while the rest of the county was watching the Super Bowl,
we were
watching the Super Bowl:)

Chris and I just chilled and did our own thing last night.

Here was MY agenda from last night:
At the start of the first quarter I painted my toe nails
and then added a little flower design myself:)

Then scrubbed the bathroom floor and shower.

By the second quarter I was on to grading papers and school stuff. My work is never finished:)

I did find some cute Valentine Crafts for my firsties on pintrest though:)

During half time I watched Madonna. I just had to watch. I thought she did pretty good, considering I admit I don't know any of her songs.

While I was watching Madonna Chris made us dinner. He made some George Foreman steaks, sauteed mushrooms and onion, and some peas.

Yess... Chris has grown to love peas:)

By third quarter I was tired of the whole game. I just don't get into football and I missed most of the commercials.

After the game was over I looked back at all I got done.
-bathroom super sanitized
-all school work done
-pintrest overload
- and one load of laundry

I'd say it was a pretty good Super Bowl.

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