Sunday, February 19, 2012


So we are really trying to cut down out costs.

I am a couponing maniac
(actually I just coupon when I have the time too, which is not too often)

AND a huge stickler for turning off lights when no one is in the room!
(Chris is nortiously known for being so bad about leaving a light on when he has left the room.)

So I have been tossing back and forth the whole idea of making some of my own cleaning products.
 There is just something about buying the REAL thing that makes me feel like it works better!

Then I started thinking about it. Isn't most of the stuff just water anyway??

So, ALL over pintrest recently has been stuff about homemade soaps. I remember that my Aunt Steph and Uncle Wayne made their own laundry detergent and I think they loved it, so I thought I could try this.

I made my own Fa Rizzle Fabric Softener!!

It turned out SOO great and much better than I expected!

Right now my little firsties say fa rizzle all the time and I have picked it up in my vocabulary. It has kind of turned into a running joke between me and the kiddoes because they get such a kick out of hearing a grown up say it:)

Here is what I used and I took this picture and the recipe from

It was super easy and so far all my laundry has came out fresh as a daisy!!

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