Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras!!

 Chris and I went today to a Mardi Gras Parade with our sweet seminary friends Josh, Laurie, and Rome!
Veterans Bld. was completely shut down and the floats were all lined up! They had a ton of police officers working and it made me feel VERY safe!

We went to the Argus Parade in Metairie!
I had read online that this parade attracts 1 million people and then we later heard the local news station confirm that they estimated that 1 million people came out to the parade!

It is crazy for me to think that there was that many people lined up down the Veterans to see this parade,
and that we were there too!!

People came prepared!!

They had tarps to put down underneath blankets so that they don't get wet from the dew on the grass
and they made these awesome ladders for kids!
 It was SUCH a cool idea! 

These ladders had seats made at the top with seat belts and safety features.

Kids would sit at the top and catch beads so that they could see the Parade over all the other peoples heads.

Absolutely CRAZY how many people there were!

 Some of the ladders

They also had wheels on them so that they could easily be wheeled in! 
The Calvary! 

That horse pooped all over the place!

A little horse! 

Rome took a little nap! Poor guy was worn out from the commotion!

He was also the first one to catch any beads! He was sitting on Laurie's shoulders and a perfectly thrown strand of beads landed around his neck! It scared him to death and I was worried that it had chocked him, but he was fine after a couple of minutes!
Talk about a ringer!

King Argus!

We also have some videos of the beads being thrown that I can't wait to post later!

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