Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hamburgers and Rook

Last night we had some friends over at our apartment for hamburgers, buffalo chicken dip, and brownies!!

I only wish I had taken more pictures!!

I had sent Tonya a text message earlier in the day saying that they needed to come over
and teach us how Tennessee Hicks play Rook!!

They defenatly play differently, and their game requires a whole new strategy that I am still getting used too!!
(I think they just made it up as they went along
haha I'm just kiddin, I got to make fun of Brian some how)

Well, now I can say that my family are not the only ones who make fun of the way I talk.
Last night several things I said didn't go unnoticed.

It is not technically what I say, but more like how I say it.

Yes I say
maaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyyied (married),
moth and not moooooooooth,
haaaaiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (hair),
and of coarse, the famous,
Have you 'aten' yet

Chris and I enjoy all our neighbors and it is so nice to be surrounded by such wonderful people

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