Thursday, August 25, 2011

Six Year Olds

Six years olds are tiny.

Six year olds are silly.
Six year olds are still babies!

Six year olds can't tie their shoes!
(and it drives me crazy)

Six year olds still pick their boogers,
and some even suck their thumbs.
Six year olds are so imaginative! Oh to be able to have hours of entertainment with a tiny toy motorcycle.
Six year olds are so clever.
They can sneak their way into earning a treat from the candy box.
Six year olds are dirty,
and stinky,
and smelly,
always have some kind of drink moustache on their lips,
and dirty, sticky hands.

I sure do love my six year olds!!

Especially my biggest Six year old of 'em all!!

My sweet husband:)

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