Sunday, August 14, 2011

Girls vs. Boys

Girls vs. Boys

Well, yesterday the ladies and gents separated.
It was so nice to get to spend some time just us women!
I had a busy week with the start of school,
and needed just some girl time.

Chris and Brian were more than happy to get out of our way.

They woke up Saturday morning about 5:30 and
were on their way

I got over to Tonya's and she already had everything set up.
We had tables, paper, scissors, stickers, glue, cutters, die cuts, card stock, magazines, string, books, and pictures.

We each set out all our stuff,
and went to town,

I worked on a scrap book from my wedding. I had paper, stickers, bows, and all kinds of doo-dads.
It was nice to get caught up!

I sure do love to Scrapbook:)
I guess it is just a girly thing, cause Chris could care less!!

This is sweet Julie!
I meet her for the first time yesterday, but we have actually talked on the phone a couple of times.
She is one busy girl!

She works on campus doing housing stuff and decorating!

She is the one who actually called Chris and I WAYYY back in early May to tell us we got upgraded to a bigger apartment on campus!

Julie is our friend,
we would have been living in a little, tiny, apartment, that is no bigger than our loving room now, if she had never called:)

Julie came over and was working on a scrapbook for a Women's Campus Organization.

Now this chick,
She brought over a whole suit case of scrapbookin stuff!
I was amazed!

This is my mess! I used some of Tonya's Stamps!
I just had to put some "B's" in my bookie!!

We worked from 10:00 to 4:00
and only took a break to eat some sandwiches!

Ummm.... these little babies were DELICIOUS!!!


Ok.. Girls vs. Boys!

The boy's, or gents (as I like to call em'),
went fishin:)

Of course I don't have any pictures from their day, cause Chris didn't take any.

Apparently it is not Cool for guys to take pictures,
so I just googled some:)

Chris said they caught a stingray
And some fish, but none that they could keep.

They had to throw all 'em suckers back!


(Chris only wishes he could catch a Red Fish this big)
(Look at the eyeball on that thing!! Yuckie:)

I asked Chris, "So what do yall boys talk about on the boat?"
Chris says, "Nothing"

Apparently, they don't talk at all!!

I would go crazy not saying a word for over 10 minutes, much less 5 hours!

Anyhoo, sounds like all the Girls and Boys had 'em a GREAT Saturday!

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