Thursday, August 11, 2011

MIA (Missing in Action)

Well, the red sea must have parted again,
Chris wrote a blog post!

Yeah, Yeah I admit,
I did ask him to write one while I was as work and he actually did!

I am so proud!

He did a pretty good job too!

I told him that from now on he needs to write one a week!

Well..... we will see how that one goes:)

So I have been MIA the past two weeks as far as blogging goes. It kinda makes me feel important because I have had several people ask me,
 "When ya gonna write another little bloggie?"

So I actually have some peeps reading this thing, makes it all worth the while:)

Anyways let me just give you the highlights!

I am an official teacher,
although I am not going to write that much about it,
I might write about my little kiddos next bloggie.

Let me tell ya about what we did last Saturday.

Some Seminary friends of ours, Brian and Tonya,
are always feeding us.

In fact, they have feed us at least once a week since we moved to NOLA!!

So it is PAST time that we return the favor and start feeding them some.

Uhhhhhh........ ooooohhhh.....

See, now Tonya is a REALLY GOOD COOK,
and me well,

I ain't so great:)

SO I invited Tonya and Brian to come over for us to feed them,

but the catch was,

Tonya ended up cookin!!

See I bought the stuff to make chicken fried steak, mac'n'cheese, green beans, and "red lobster' style biscuits,

and Tonya came over and cooked it!!

WOW!!! She has taught me already such good cooking tips!! I can now pretty much make her 'red lobster' biscuits!! She also taught me how to make gravy out of pan drippings
but I haven't actually tried that one on my own.


a girls best friend..

or I should say..

a fat girls best friend:)

Tonya makes mac'n'cheese like Chris' mom, Christi, makes it so it is so good!!

On that note,
after talkin about making a pretty fattening meal,

Tonya and I have been walking just about every night!
This past week we did miss a few days with me having open house and the start of school and all,
but we are doing pretty good!

We walk around campus and it gives us some girl time to just talk about..

ya know

girl stuff!!!

Speaking of girl stuff,
I have made a new friend!

She is a fellow teacher where I work and her name is

I just love her to pieces and me and her just clicked right away.

Her story is.....

she is teaching while her husband is in Medical School,
this is her 1st year teaching,
she is not from around here,
she loves the Lord and lets others know it,
she is quiet and keeps to herself,
her husband and her are barely skimpin by...

sound like any body you know???

uhhhh... Chris and I maybe!!

Our stories are so close!
I can't wait until we can work out schedules out so we can get together and let our menfolk meet!


Chris and I celebrated my starting school.

He took me out some place R-E-A-L fancy!

Every girl dreams of the day when their man will take them out!

My man took me to Chickfila and I loved it!

Chris and I are Seminary folk.
He is a preacher,
I am a teacher.

Now if that don't spell it out for ya this will,

we don't make a whole lotta money,
and Chickfila is kinda expensive on our standards.

It was such a nice treat!! Ahhh.. we love us some nuggets!!

Hope everyone back home in GA had a great 1st day of School!!

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