Saturday, March 24, 2012

City Park Night

So yesterday was a pretty big day for my school that I teach at.
It was a day off for students because we were hosting a Speech Meet that had students coming from all over southern Louisiana to compete against each other by presenting speeches.

I was very proud of my 2 sweet firsties that both preformed very well in their competition!!

After the Speech Meet was over we all got to go home for a few hours and then go to City Park Night.

What is City Park Night??

It is only the biggest night for our school as far as fundraising goes. The school has a carnival right in the middle of NOLA's City Park and people come out and eat snow balls, ride Farris wheels, and have good Christian fellowship.

Yes... I took that picture of that Farris wheel on my iphone! Yes... it is pretty amazing as far as my picture taking abilities go. Yes.... I have gotten to where I really like to take pictures. Yes... I have gotten to where I really like to pictures of OTHER people. No... I do not like to be in pictures. Yes... I am one of those girls that always says that they just don't look right in pictures! 
Chris tagged along and all my sweet littles enjoyed getting to see Mr. Bagley:)
It was neat getting to see them out of their school uniforms and in 'regular' clothes!

My kiddoes have to wear school uniforms everyday! I will have to post some pictures some time of their little plaid skirts and polo shirts!

I was amazed at the concession stand. This is NOLA after all.
Ever been to a concession stand that sold wine for $5 bucks and draft beer for $6?
I find it humorous how it lists the food in this order:
water, daiquiri, beer, ice cream, coffee, hot chocolate, coke, wine, cookies, candy

Thanks goodness that this is a Christian School and they were not selling those, but it was a concession stand that is set up at every event they have in City Park! They still be promoting the booze! City Park, as in park, as in families, as in kids, as in parents drinking with their kids, at the park.... I guess I just shouldn't even get started!!

Only in NOLA!!

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