Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today, after a great church service at
First Baptist of New Orleans,
I convinced Chris to go with me to chill on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain.

Yepp.... I had to google the spelling. I mean really, pontchartrain, is such a difficult word to spell!! AHH

While I was laying out on our Georgia Bulldog blanket trying to catch some rays,
my sweet boy was fishing from the bank.

He was so cute when he caught one! His voice got all excited,
"Megan!! Come Look!! I got me one!!!"

He was just a grinning ear to ear!!

Now let me just tell ya about this fish.
It was a mean sucker! Had 2 sharp teeth on the top and 2 sharp teeth on the bottom.

It was just a floppin around and Chris didn't have any pliers so he had a hard time getting the hook out.
I believe the dang thing bit him on his thumb,
but he is a tough boy, so he didn't shed any tears.

Yepp.. this was my view. Lake Pontchartrain sure is one big lake!!
Makes Lake Lanier look like a pond back home!

You can't even see the other side!
It was such a nice day. Beautiful weather!

I like the way NOLA has added these steps on certain parts of the bank of the lake. It makes it easy to fish from and to go down to the water to stick your toes in!

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