Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Power out In Gentily

When there is a power outage in Gentily (which is the name of the part of NOLA we live in) ALL KINDS of problems begin!!!

....red light don't work
It was very frustrating trying to go through a red light with the power out. You are supposed to treat it like a 4 way stop, but down here people don't know what a 4 way stop is and they definitively don't know how to let someone else go when it is their turn!!

.... People walking around to watch
People start walking around to watch the traffic chaos in the streets. I swear every slum dog was out!! Yucky people that haven't seen the light of day or a shower in weeks were standing in the streets!

.... The radio gets taken over
The whole way for me on the radio every 30 seconds the guy talking kept explain how one should drive with a power outage. Obviously people weren't listening!!

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