Sunday, March 4, 2012

Burn Baby Burn!

So today after church,
as I was taking our lunch out of the oven,
I burned myself.

AND boyyyyy did it hurt!!

Here recently I have been getting into all kinds of disasters in the kitchen!!

After a while the pain faded and Chris and I started watching a movie that was on T.V.

I couldn't help thinking about my burn.
How it was sore and hurt when I touched it.

My mind drifted to church today and our sermon.

I thought about how bad my burn today hurt,
but I can't imagine how bad the burns in hell are going to hurt!

My mind started thinking about hell and how the fire will be all over their poor bodies with no relief.
It will be agonizing pain that will last all of eternity.

I am so thankful that my Jesus died for me to save me from the depths of hell!!

Oh how a little burn can remind you of just the impact of what Jesus truly did for us!

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