Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time Change

So.... Yet again... Another time change has come upon us!!

Of course Chris and I forgot to set our clocks! And we woke up late!!!

Dang you time change!!

My next week just is going to be wild! It always takes some time getting used to loosing that hour! Especially to my sweet first graders!!

I do love the Spring time change because it means that when I get home it won't be dark! I enjoy getting home and having time to go out for a walk before it is scary dark!!

Oh... Subject change!! Today Chris and I are deep cleaning the apartment! Cause in less than a week we are having some company!! Yea!!!

Papa and Nana are coming for a weekend visit!! We are so excited and miss them soooo much!!! Now if only these next 5 days will zoom by until they get here;)

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