Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweet Friends

Last night I went over to our sweet friends, Preston and Cherise's house.

She was decorating their sweet apartment with cute ornaments, stockings, and even 2 Christmas trees.
I was admiring all of their adorable decorations and even told them about how I am now regretting not bringing our Christmas decorations here from GA.

We caught up and talked for a little bit and then I walked on back across the hall to our place.

I hadn't been back for 5 minutes when we got a surprise knock on the door.

It was Cherise and Preston with their little Christmas tree all decorated!

She said that since they have 2 trees, they didn't mind sharing one with us!
I was so excited! I put it up on a little table and put our meager and few Christmas presents we have bought, wrapped in newspaper, underneath!

Tonight I am sitting here on the sofa, just finishing up editing some of my sweet firsties writing papers,
and enjoying the scent of a Christmas Cinnamon candle(which I got for 35 cents with a coupon!).

I am so enjoying the glow from our borrowed Christmas Trees lights...


...watching Prep and Landing.

Well actually I am watching my sweet boy,
who is just cracking up at this silly movie.

Life is SOOO good!

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