Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oak Valley Plantation

While my parents were here a couple weekends back, we all went to visit Oak Ally Plantation. To put it simply, it was my favorite New Orleans Touristy thing we have EVER done!!

I think it was a combination of the BEAUTIFUL weather we had that Saturday, little crowds, great company, and oh-yeah.... the plantation!

It was stunning in every way and made me rethink about the era I was born into. (although knowing my family history I would never have been the plantation owners wife, probably more like the plantation owners female servant at best!)

Oak Ally Plantation is a little over an hour away from the city and the drive to get there was pretty cool too! We passed over lots of swamp, flat sugar cane farms, and people out crawfishin'.

The trees are just absolutely gorgeous and HUGE at that! We had a blast getting to walk around and see the slave cabins, gardens, rebel soldier tent, and of course tour the house.

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