Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Well Lookie Here

Why yes... that's me! (minus eye makeup. This picture was taken before we left for church on Sunday pretty early in the morning.) A couple of weeks ago I called my mama up to tell her that she no longer had a blond haired child. Her response, "Send me a picture right now young lady." We'll here's ya picture, just about two weeks late:)

I've ventured into the brunette gang a couple of times before, but I am loving it right now. I think what made it better was that I transitioned by just getting lowlights a couple of times before I went for the full coverage brown.

I'm loving that I don't have any roots and my hair feels so much healthier. I do miss my blond, I just think I look better as a blond and that the brown makes me look soooo pale, but for now I'm loving the change! 

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