Saturday, October 5, 2013

September Outing

 So I'm a little late writing about our September outing. If you missed it last month, Chris and I have decided to once a month go out and do something touristy. For August we went and checked out Frenchmen Street and ate some beyond amazing Italian Creole food. 

For September we went and ate a Jazz Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters. For starters, we're not really brunch people. I just have this weird picture in my head of bunch meaning guys wearing button up collared shirts and girls wearing sun dresses and eating quiche while sipping mimosas. 

I'm not sure Chris has ever had quiche... in fact I'd bet on that he hasn't... 

It was a buffet, and they had everything under the sun. Lots of peel and eat shrimp, jambalaya, etouffee, a meat carving station, turtle soup, fruit, pasta salads, pancakes, omelette station, and various desserts. Even with all that variety of food, we found it to be so-so. Nothing was really amazing, but it wasn't bad either. I'd say that this was a nice place to visit, but definitely not a place that we will go back to either. 

I grabbed this picture from the internet. We sat at a little table just to the right from the fountain. It was packed. Every table was swarmed with people. Chris and I ate and watched birds splash around on the top tier of the fountain. I imagine they eat little crumbs left by people. There was a little jazz band playing in the back, but unfortunately we were unable to hear the music from where we were sitting. 

The canopy made by the tree branches was amazing! It was gorgeous  and I bet this would be a great spot for a wedding reception, all lit up at night with little white lights. 

Leading into the restaurant they have these old gates from Spain that are said to have a spell cast over them. New Orleans is big on voodoo and sorcery. I gave in and gave a little touch. 

We are loving our outings and are planning to continue going to new and different places around the city. 

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