Tuesday, September 24, 2013


What has happened to us? All I ever hear about it how no one wants to do any work? Aren't we all in search of the dream job, with high salary, and zero work?

When I walk into work and say my usual good mornings to all the same faces I see every day there is always this look that I get back. You know the look... everyone has seen it. It's a look of pure dread, tiredness in the eyes, and is typically accompanied with a groan or mumble. I hear others talk proudly of how they can do the bare minimum and get by; just enough so no one will notice their slack. Just enough to make it look like they are trying.   

People, just take  a look around. Nothing is here because it just magically poofed out of air. Someone had to work to make that car you drive, someone had to work to farm and produce the food you eat, someone had to sew those clothes you are wearing, someone had to build the walls that surround your home, someone had to do it. And how do you feel knowing that someone slacked or did the minimum for the things you own? 

Genesis Chapter 2 verse 15 says:

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

The first thing God had man do was to WORK! Yes, genuine work! Not just laying on his bum around Eden and watching the sunset! He had to work and take care of it. Adam had to name all the animals. Which might seem like an easy job, but I imagine after the first hundred thousand or so, it got kinda tedious and boring.  The Bible even says that no suitable helper was found for Adam and what lead next was the creation of a woman.

We are supposed to work, its in our nature, its in our being. We are supposed to go do, construct with out hands, plan with our minds! 
How far away we have turned. Now people are rewarded with their laziness and bragging to others about how they were able to do the minimum without anyone noticing.  

If you are hating to work, then I'm asking you to take a step back and think of the blessing you have to be able to work. Think of the people who can't find jobs. Right now I can even think of a friend of ours who is in his 20's and has bouts of extreme pain and horrible health problems. All he probably wants to do... is go out and get a normal job to work. We are created to work in His name, for His good. 

Let's just try to keep a little perspective, and maybe put a little bit more giddy in our steps as we trod off to work in the morning. Work doesn't have to be a bad thing, no matter what your profession. Take pride, and just go do

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