Saturday, June 29, 2013

That ol' sweet song...

Chris and I have a netflix account use my mom's netflix account, and we decided to watch the movie, Trouble with the Curve. It's a total baseball movie, and even though I grew up watching Braves games on the tube, I know absolutely nothing about baseball.

Anyways, some of the filming for that movie was in Georgia and in the mountains, not far from where we grew up. At one point during the movie I just looked over at Chris and said, "I miss home." Understanding exactly why I was saying this he just nodded and said, "Yeah, me too."

We haven't been in GA since Christmas, that's going on 7 months. Our longest stretch. I miss the familiar winding roads, being able to just drive, passing by pastures with mountains in the background. It's like I just need my... fix. 

The city drives this country girl insane.

Next Sunday, as in not tomorrow but the next one, Chris and I are heading to that most precious state and place to my heart. I'm so glad because I'm not sure I could go much longer. Life for us in NOLA is stressful, it's not like we're just sitting over here watching the Mississippi River drift by and eatin seafood (although those are both things I enjoy doing).

Being in GA is like a sigh of relief. Seriously, it's hard to put into words, but when we cross that state line it's like all the anxiety, worry, and stress just lifts off my shoulders. I can relax. I can breath.

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