Saturday, July 6, 2013


People in New Orleans take their snowballs to extremes . They are kind of a BIG deal:)

The creation can go by several names; snowbaz, snowbows, snobawls, snowbliz, snowwizards, snowdomes, and so on.

BUT, don't be gettin confused up in here, it is a major NOLA sin to compare a snoball to that of its frumpy cousin the snow cone! The two only have ice in common. 

I never knew there was such a difference until I tried one for myself a while back. This summer Chris and I were talking one day and we realized that he hadn't eaten a real one yet. After picking up my chin off the ground, I suggested that we remedy that immediately,  and we hopped in the car!

yeah..... we just went to this place, because it's not famous or nothin:)

I was a woman on a mission, and couldn't believe there wasn't a line:) This place is usually packed! AND IT WAS H-O-T outside:)

I got a satsuma flavored one. Satsumas are a type of sweet orange that is grown down in these parts of South Louisiana. Chris got his half and half with strawberry and lemonade.

The ice was so creamy. Did you know that ice can be creamy without cream or even anything added? Well it can! When it is shaved thin enough, it kinda has a creamy texture!

Chris loved it and now he can't wait to go to other stands and try different flavors! 

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