Saturday, October 12, 2013


Chris and I made a trip to visit the local New Orleans pumpkin patch, ya know... Walmart, and picked us a fine specimen. 

Actually we are just big cheapos and pulled one out of the $4.99 bin, but I must say it really is near darn perfect! 

The last week I've had it sitting outside our apartment door in the hallway but for some reason the baby lizards, or geckos, whatever they are, took a likin' to it. (south Louisiana seems to be infested with these things)I didn't want them to start making a home so I brought him inside to sit on our table instead. 

Now just to decide how we are going to carve him! I really want to do something with the drill, maybe little drill holes in a design? or drill hole polka dots? Chris wants to make a jack o'latern and since he does most the carving we'll prob make that. I just love this time of year, there's just something about that pumpkin sitting on our table that is making it seem more festive.

On a side note, it was 93 degrees today here. Yep... still wearing shorts and tshirts! 

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