Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Give it a Whirl

So along with every other girl, I'm a big fan of pintrest. I have the app on my phone and whenever I am board I will start scrolling. My favorite categories to look at are the health and fitness, humor, diy, and home decor. A couple of weeks ago I saw a post of where you can turn a regular blender into a Magic Bullet by using mason jars. So I tried it, and it really does work!

Since eating watermelon on vacation last week, I went to the store and picked one up for us. I say 'us' but I really just mean 'me' because Chris won't eat watermelon. SAY WHAT??!! 

Yes it is true, he doesn't like watermelon. So even though I bought a whole seedless one for just myself, it's been only 3 days and half of it is already gone. It's just that good people!

I used this method to cut up my watermelon, and it went fairly easily. I put some of it in a tub to be frozen, and most of the pieces in a different tub to keep in the fridge.

Here's the list of 'stuffs' that you need to make a watermelon frosty. A blender, mason jar, frozen pieces of cut up watermelon (duhh), and sprite.

If your cheap like me you skip the sprite and buy this stuff. It was only 99 cents, and it's diet. Score!

For my blender I have to use regular mouthed mason jars. I was pretty disappointed when this cute mason jar cup my sweet sister in law Ashley made me didn't fit:(

But these two babies fit perfectly so I was relieved. The smaller mason jar is perfect for me for regular smoothies anyway. I never can usually drink the whole thing, and the little size is perfect portions.

To make a watermelon frosty I just plopped some frozen watermelon and a little splash of sprite in the jar, screwed on the lid, and hit pulse a couple of times.

I still used a towel, just in case the jar was to break.

It's pretty daggone good.

Then to make a fun bubbly drink I just put together a couple of pieces of non-frozen watermelon and more sprite. 

I'm in love with using mason jars with my blender. A couple of nights ago I even made cauliflower crust pizza and I used this same method to mince up the cauliflower. (i don't own a food processor)

I still advice you to to be careful,  make sure the blades won't hit the glass while they are spinning and use a dish towel just in case!

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